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Adam Sajewicz

How to obtain non-Premium MOC instructions



I have found a MOC, a petrol station: MOC-7189.

It's not a Premuim MOC, but I cannot find how to get a building instructions?


Guys, it's not the first time I cannot find a clue how to get building instructions for a MOC. Are they all Premium??

It's getting annoying a bit: I can browse MOC's very easilly. Great,

If only I found something interesting I show it to my 9yo son and he immediately want to build it.

But why I must tell him: we cannot build it because there is no building instructions??


Guys, please!

It's not a best UI / Ux to show something but deny do use it.

Please don't list paid MOCs to user who are not Premium!

This may reduce my level of frustration sometimes.


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The 'instructions' for that model are provided in the form a LEGO Digital Designer file.

On the main MOC page, click on the 'Building Instructions' tab. There should be a link to the .lxf file. You need to download that file onto your computer and open it in LEGO Digital Designer.

Rebrickable allows creators to upload instructions in many forms, so not all of them are step by step PDF files. There are many that are 3D files in various forms (LEGO Digital Designer, LDraw, Stud.io, etc). It can take a LOT of time and effort to create PDF instructions, so this allows more people to contribute and share their models.

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this is an all family website, and I suggest you keep your language respectful, even when frustrated.

The instructions you are looking for can be found if you click on the Building Instruction tab halfway the page, and again on the right side of the page under Details. Not really difficult to find.

If you use the Build function you can unselect Premium MOCs and you won't see them. If you Browse MOC you will all our MOCs, including Premium MOCs.

I concur with TrueDimensions - if a designer spends a lot of time to make good instructions, they ought to be rewarded for it. But you can always try to build a model by yourself.

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Thank you Simon and TrueDimension.

You are right, there is an instruction for LEGO Digital Designer in the building Instruction tab. And you're righ that I wasn't very kind yesterday... I'm sorry, I apologise for that.

On the other hand I can pledge my word that yesterday the 'building instruction' tab was not visible for this MOC I was talking about (i searched it by <ctrl><F> on the page)

Anyway, Today it is, and it'll make my son (his name's Simon too, in polish: Szymon) happy :-)

Thank you, and I promise, my next post will be positive, and of course a creative one.

Edited by Adam Sajewicz

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