Comment Editor Issues?

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Is there a problem with the comment editor?

When I try to reply to a comment, I have to go into source mode to type anything, and then when I toggle back to wysiwyg mode the content disappears (still there in source mode).

It seems to work fine in the comment box that appears at the bottom of a page for adding a new top level comment, but when I click on reply the inline editor that pops up seems pooched.

Tried it in Chrome and Edge, same result.


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We had a nasty bug the bbcode editor that caused us several hundred part descriptions that when missing during the last few month. Just spend a weekend restoring them.

Nathan has switched to another bbcode editor, which, at least, doesn't seem to have that particular bug, but it is still not working properly. Rest assured, it has Nathan's attentions, and he working on a solution.

In the mean time, try ctrl-shift-S to enter bbcode mode in the editor. All common bbcode tags should work (no guarantee -smile-).

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