Am I allowed to submit a MOC not done with Lego parts?

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Hi, everybody!

I have a few Lego sets [42009, 42074, 42065] but also have the Lego-like sets done by Xiaomi [xiaomi mitu builder].

//Unlike Lepin or Decool, Xiaomi personalized a few big parts of their sets to not look like Lego. Plus most of their parts have matte finishes.//

All the joints, dimensions and sizes are identical and they are fully compatible with Lego.

My question is: can I submit a MOC if it was done with Xiaomi parts? Of course, I have all the corresponding Lego part numbers, but I don't have enough Lego parts for my builds.


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Hi, ceekay, welcome to the forum!

If you want to submit your MOC, you need three things: an inventory, a photo (or rendering) and some kind of building instruction.

The inventory HAS TO HAVE LEGO parts - no discussion there, we don't have any other parts in our catalog.

For the instructions, it doesn't really matter, some designers make a video, others a series of photo's; you could even make drawings, if you want, as long as someone else can build your model using your instructions. So if you create a series of photos using non-LEGO bricks, it wouldn't matter, however, the parts you show in your photos HAVE TO BE similar to LEGO parts. You can't include a part that LEGO never made.

As to your model photo, the same applies. If it shows parts that LEGO never made, you can't use it. If the color is a bit off, that's not a problem.

And you can always build your MOC virtually (using LDD or Studio) and use a rendering.

Take care,

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That is you can only use Lego molds and colors. if you happen to build your MOC out of clone bricks of any kind there must be a counter part/color in the Lego catalog. So if you just lack the number and filling in with mega blocks where normal Lego parts could be, that's fine for your local build but you can't use clone specific bricks or colors. because that makes them unbuildable with pure Lego bricks.

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