Part 3002 being erroneously converted to 3002a

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I've been using .io files from Studio to subtract parts from my parts list (for more or less permanent builds that are not sets or MOCs).  That was working fine last week, however today when I tried, I received an error like this "Error - part 3002a/Blue quantity must be > 0".  But there is no part 3002a in the .io file.  I exported it to csv to confirm.  The file (and my parts list) only contains 3002, not 3002a.  

Just as a test, I tried importing the .io file to a new list.  It imported successfully, but is converting 3002 (the modern version of the 2 x 3 brick) to 3002a (the very old version).  See attached screen shot.

So these are really two different expressions of the same issue, both related to part 3002.  It seems (just my guess here based on the behavior) that in both cases, part 3002 in the imported file is converted to 3002a.  When subtracting it fails because I don't have part 3002a in the list I'm subtracting from.  When importing, it succeeds, but is adding the wrong part (3002a).  

Perhaps this is a catalog issue.  Apologies if I've reported it in the wrong place.  I did check BrickLink and found that 3002 there also refers to the modern version (with cross supports).  The version without cross supports is indexed as "3002old"





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Hi, seejay.

My apologies, I am the culprit -smile-

I am working on basic bricks, adding new part images and link lists, and I added and LDraw mapping for 3002a to get the system to display the LDraw image (as the top of 3002a looks exactly the same as the top of 3002 - the difference is with the bottom of the part); and I forgot to switch off the import/export translation. I switched that off now, so your import should now be OK again.

To be sure, we do have an import/export translation for 3002old (Bricklink) and 3002a (BrickOwl). So those still get translated to 3002. If that is still a problem for you, please let me know.

Take care,


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