Dark Purple Color ID incorrect?

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As far as I can tell, we use the same RBG value as LDraw, Blicklink is almost the same:

rebrickable    3F3691
ldraw        3F3691
bricklink    3E3590

Below is what it looks like when rendered. Do you have a good photo of the real color (on a LEGO part)?


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You might have a point, looking at this 3005, there is a clear difference between the element / photo and the rendered ldraw image. I will check more tomorrow, if needed, we will change the color code and I will re-render about 750 ldraw images.

I am really glad you mentioned this - if there are any other colors that you think might be wrong, please let me know!

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Done some research: according to Ron Howerter, the RBG value for Dark Purple (LEGO Medium Lilac) should 441a91, which is not what we're using. Below one of Ron's photos showing some parts in this color.

Before I start re-rendering the LDraw images for Dark Purple, I am going to compare Ron's color spreadsheet with our current color values, and see if there are other problems. This might take a few days...

Ron Howerter's color spreadsheet:
Tom Alphin - Understanding the LEGO Color Palette:
New Elementary LEGO® colour chart reference:


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Sherris, after some additional research I have decided NOT to change the RBG value for Dark Purple. These are my reasons:

Dark Purple (LEGO calls this 268 - Medium Lilac) is currently defined as follows:

    Rebrickable:    3F3691
    LDraw:             3F3691
    Bricklink:         3E3590
    Peeron:            342B75
    LEGO (2016):   4B2E91

So we are using the same color as LDraw, and virtually the same color as Bricklink. The LEGO color comes from the official 2016 LEGO Moulding Color Palette. (here)

Here is our color (left) compared with the official LEGO color (right):

3F3691.png     4b2e91.png

Here is our color (left) compared with your suggestion (6D3691) (right):

3F3691.png     6D3691.png

While I agree that there is a little difference between our Dark Purple and LEGO's Medium Lilac, I do not feel this difference warrens an immediate change of our color definition.

I might, somewhere this year, re-render all Dark Purple images with the official LEGO color, but for now, I think we can live with the difference.

Take care,

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