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Survey on Preference(About Motor, hope better than lego motor)


Hi I'm L, still mainly play with PF1 motor even PF2 has been released for now

With the PF2(new electrical system that broke the old lego paradigm) PF1 motor are no longer likely to come out anymore Imao
So I'd like to make compatible motor for the PF1 electric building system myself
consider the proper shapes, specifications, and placement of the wires

and while im making it, i wanna make it really good and nice to use, over lego motor
to acieve it, I want to hear the user's reaction or wish. I look forward to hearing from your idea

Question here
1. Which is more important
(1) Torque
(2) RPM(Speed)

2. Size(Size and torques are in semi-parallel relationship)
(1) 2x2(Micro motor size)
(2) 2x4(S size)
(3) PF Series's was fine, just need more torque 

3. Shape
(1) Round (Like XL Motor)
(2) Square(Like Old Lego Motor)
(3) Oval(Like M Motor, Flat Bottom Type)

4. Building type
(1) Pin & Hole
(2) Stud & Tube
(3) Axle & Axle Hole

5. the unit of length
(1) odd number(etc. 3x5x5)
(2) even number(etc. 2x4x4)

6. Power Supply Method

and last, I'm going to post it on the crowdfunding site if it's a good response after I've made the motor brick prototype.

So what if there was a third-party motor with better performance?
1) If the performance is good, can buy.
2) Because it is not Lego, never buy it

thanks for your asnwer and have a nice day~
and any critical, basic ideas are always welcome

from L

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