Import of part 4265c from .io file maps to wrong part

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I'm importing a .io file which contains bricklink part number 4265c.  This should map (if I understand correctly) to part 32123b (emphasis on the 'b').  However I get an error saying 

Error - part 32123a/Light Bluish Gray quantity must be > 0

which makes me think the mapping is wrong somewhere.  




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A mapping problem would give a different error. If you want to email the file to me I can take a look at why it's not parsing it properly.

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Thanks Nathan.  I looked at this again before sending to you just to make sure I wasn't confused.  Looks like I was confused.  4265c should  map to 32123a (not b as I stated above).  So, the import is behaving correctly.  

What I also noticed, and I think this was the source of my confusion, is that Bricklink (and Studio) don't make a distinction between 32123a and b.  The mold change is noted on the catalog page:

So, I think the short (or is this long?) answer is that I need to edit all the 32123b in my inventory to 32123a so that future imports from Bricklink sources will work.  

Please close this one.   :)

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