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Parts missing from Sets


Relatively new here.  I have a bunch of unassorted bulk totes and instruction books for some of the sets that are in them.  I've started sorting the legos at a high level.  To not completely overload my storage boxes I'm starting to put parts in bags per set.  Most bags are at some percent complete and I'm tracking parts crudely on printed checklists.  I don't see it here, so my question is if there is a way to see the set piece inventory and click off pieces as you get them in the bags so that I only see what is missing as I go back to the sets?  I use the chkno site https://chkno.net/lego-pieces/?set=70166-1 for the most part and it is good for the initial hunt but kind of onerous for going back and seeing what is missing.  Wondering if there is a better way? I have many sets that are missing between 1 and 20 parts and if I could just quickly see what is missing it would help a lot.  

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