My Part Lists "List Filter" Not Working

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On the "My Part Lists" page, there is now a Lists filter below Category and Color. If it worked, this would be terrific since it would solve my request for disabling 'wishlist' part lists. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work. 

Step 1: Open "My Part Lists" page.

Step 2: Under "Lists" filter on the left, click checkboxes in front of some subset of your lists (don't click the list name itself - that will refocus the search to that list rather than All Part Lists). Make sure to select more than one list - one list works ok since this is equivalent to the old focused search.

Step 3: Click "Apply Filters"

Expected Result: A filtered list that includes parts only from those lists you included in your filter.

Actual Result: The URL changes to, YYYY where USERNAME is my username and XXXX and YYYY are list identifiers. Unfortunately, the results include all lists and the filter shows all lists selected. 

Basically, if more than one list is picked in this filter, it is ignored in the results.

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