LEGO Club Magazine Builds??

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I was recently organizing some older LEGO Club magazines (the name has changed multiple times over the years). Each issue tends to have one or two small build instructions included. Sometimes these are based on a given set in which case it could be argued these are B model instructions. However, more often, these are strictly instructions to build from your part collection. Obviously, no actual bricks came with these free magazines. What's the thought on including these builds in the database? I wouldn't consider them MOCs since LEGO did the design work. What naming/numbering scheme makes sense if we include these build ideas?

As an example, the current issue online has instructions for a bunny (see below).


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I like your ideas -smile-

I think they belong in our database as they are somewhat similar to the MMMBs (Monthly Mini Model Muilds). I would suggest naming them CMMB (Club Magazine Model Builds) followed by year/month and a -1/-2 suffix for multiple models in a single magazine.

example (made up)

    CMMB0501-1 - first model of Magazine 2005-1

For now, let's put them in LEGO Brand Store theme, once we have a dozen or so, we'll add a Club Magazine Model Builds sub-theme.

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