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Highlight current color in Part summary: My parts


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When checking the My parts tab in the Part summary window, it's not easy to spot how many parts of a given color someone has. For example, here's a window with a dark brown plate, but it's not easy to see how many dark brown plates I have, as there are other similar colors in the table (reddish brown, black), which on some monitor screens are barely distinguishable.


Perhaps the column with the selected color could be highlighted (different background color or different font color) to make it easier?


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That is not what he is saying: he want the "dark brown" column in the table to be highlighted in this case. (since he open a dark brown part) so he quickly spot that he got 4 of them and don't have to try to spot it among other similar colors like reddish brown which you might need to mouse over to see the difference between.

or why not add a extra row above "You have 474 of this part in 15 colors" saying "You have 4 of this parts in Dark Brown" which means you don't even have to look in the table...

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