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Split the 'Flags, Signs, Plastics and Cloth' category?

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Is there a reason these are all lumped into one category?

I consider the 'Plastics and cloth' parts to be a considerably different type of part than the build-able 'Flags and signs' parts.

Thoughts on splitting this category up?

When using the API, it's really easy to ignore 'non-buildable' parts like stickers because they are in their own category. I would love to see the cloth and plastic film parts to be in their own category as well.


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There are flags that are cloth and flags that are plastic. EDIT: so separating them would cause confusion for casual users.

Once part tags are up and running (still a ways off on that) categories that could be separated down will be a lot easier to do so. Watch this space!

We are trying to move away from a lot of categories. MFs were recently separated because we hit 10,000 parts in the single MF category making searching the category almost impossible. The couple hundred in flags, etc... aren’t that challenging. 

Once I’m done with MF heads that category is next on my list to check over as there’s a lot of parts that need renaming and relations / mappings adding. 

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