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As I've been making recent edits, I've put some additional focus into ensuring that sets I have include as much tag information as possible. This seems to make sense since it's dealing with what will inevitably be a very time consuming process to add tags to sets and is easiest why focus is on a given set anyway. Additionally, I keep coming up with wats these tags help in the new set filtering so I'm finding them extremely useful. This activity has raised some starter questions in my mind.

  1. Is there a comprehensive listing of the tags that are desired anywhere? 
  2. Is there a system-generated listing of current assigned tags that could be used to correct errors like spelling mistakes, phrases split into two (saw some "Star Wars" entered as "Star" and "Wars"), or other mistakes? I know there are some lists in the help system but they appear to have been hand generated, aren't comprehensive and are by their very nature, always out of date.
  3. Is there a defined mechanism for adding new tags to the master list? Is there criteria for doing so?
  4. Is there a list of tag definitions somewhere? For many, this is obvious but nuances will be lost if this isn't captured somewhere. For example, I have been using the tag "Key Chain" to refer to sets which are named both "... Key Chain" and "... Bag Charm" since they both include a ring attached to a set of metal links attached to a product Nd having a means of seeing these in one common view despite their LEGO assigned names is helpful. But others may not know that is my intent without definitions and would exclude the Bag Charms.

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In the Tips&Tricks help page, there is an overview of all tags used in sets. It's a bit outdated, if I can find some time I'll try to update that overview. As you can see in that overview, we've got a lot of bad tags that need to corrected. And the good tags need to be made complete.

The same help page also has a chapter called Annotated Tags, where I tried to group the tags and create definition for them. However, that format proved too complicated to maintain, and I stopped with it when I began the LDraw re-rendering project half a year ago.

In the mean time, we are developing a few new help pages, to show the most important set and part tags, and notes about their usage. I can't guarantee when, but hopefully soon, those pages will be made available for general use, and hopefully provide more insight.

In the mean time, I suggest we use this thread as an intermediate.

Take care,

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