Build a set using an earlier inventory version

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Using Win10, Chrome 73.0.3683.103

I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature request or somewhere in between.

It appears that switching from the "default" version of a set's inventory to another version does not impact the inventory that is used when clicking "build this set".   This behavior is sort of indicated by the interface, because switching inventory versions does not affect the version shown at the top right on the page with the part count, and the "build this set" button is in that panel.   Still, a user might expect changing the inventory version would impact the inventory used for the build calculation, especially since the build button is just next to the inventory display (see screen cap)

To replicate:

  1. From, switch from the "default" version 2 to version 1.  
  2. Click "build this set"
  3. Change my default build settings to NOT ignore mold variations
  4. See that 6540b is reported as a missing part.  This part is from v2 of the inventory.  v1 uses 6540a.

If, as I suspect, this is not a bug but rather a feature that is not yet built, please consider this as a feature request, but admittedly an edge-case. The only reason it came up for me is that I bought a bunch of used parts in bulk and it contained this super car set (v1 inventory), but with a few missing parts.  In trying to figure out what to buy, I ran into the unexpected result above.  






26-May-19 4-00-13 PM.jpg

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Hi, CJ;

I haven't checked your specific problem, but in general, I think you are right presuming the Set Build uses the default inventory. However, I think there is a work-around, and if you could try that, and it works, it would be good to know that.

After selecting the first inventory, could you add the set's parts to a custom list? It would make sense that the custom list would then have the parts from the first inventory, and if it does, your can use the Build this List option for Custon Lists to get the results you want.

If the add the set's parts to a custom list also uses the default inventory, I would consider that a bug, and we can ask Nathan to look at it.

Does that help?

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Hope you don't mind, but if you're looking at this set, could you specify the differences between the v1 and v2 inventories. It would be good to add that to the set notes... (just trying to improve the website... -smile-)

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Hi Simon.  Your workaround works perfectly,.  Thanks for that. 

I'm happy to document the differences.  I spent a bit of time comparing the two to find them myself earlier today.  I'll do that as a change request. 

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