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Why is Maersk Blue split into Maersk Blue & Pastel Blue



Just a silly question.

Why is Maersk Blue split into 2 different colors while they are exactly the same, this is a unnecessary split up.

And is only confusing when ordering them on BL(BL does not have any reference to Pastel Blue), and don't say you keep the Lego colors then there has to be a name change for about 90 colors to be done, all are following the Bricklink naming.

Even a set from 2004 is still Maersk blue and the same set of 2005 is Pastel Blue, on this way everybody's spare parts are beginning to be useless because there is no longer a match.

I have almost all Maersk parts and a lott more which are never used in sets, so what will it be in the future in what kind of name do i have to rename them, this is a lot of unnecessary work for all the users.

Hope there will be a simple explanation and a satisfying one.

Grts ED


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