Color Chart # of Sets Incorrect

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Step 1: Go to the Rebrickable Color Chart at

Step 2: Look under "Num Sets"

Expected result: The number of sets containing this color.

Actual result: Some other number (it is the value used for "Number of Parts in all Sets" on the color specific information pages) - this appears to be a non-normalized accounting of how many times a part in a particular color appears in any set which overcounts even the "Number of Parts in all Sets" by counting the same part multiple times if it appears in multiple sets.

For example, the color Pastel Blue (being discussed elsewhere on the forum) has its details at They state the total quantity used in all sets in 727 which is correct. The "Number of Parts in Sets" is shown as 94 when it is actually 30 if you run a search a filter on the color Pastel Blue ( The "Number of Sets" is shown as 30 but a examination of all the parts in that color show it is actually only found in 4 sets (10152-2, 10152-3, 10155-1 and 10219-1).

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