Stuck on getting a PUT request to work

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This is probably not specifically an issue with the RB API and more about something I don't understand in python requests, but I've researched the latter and tried a lot of different things, so I thought I'd ask here for help.  

I'm trying to use a python requests to generate a PUT request to update a part in a partslist (changing the quantity, all else remaining the same). Based on the curl command in the API docs, I've tried:

url = ''
headers = {'Authorization': 'key key_goes_here',
           'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded',
           'Accept': 'application/json'}
data = {'quantity':17}  #I think the problem is here

r = requests.put(url,headers=headers,data=data)

This structure is working for other http requests (delete, get), but those don't have a the  data element, so I think the problem is there.   I've also tried a few variations on formulating the data element:

data = {'quantity':'17'}
data = '{"quantity":"17"}'
data = '{"quantity":17}'
#and in desperation
data = 'quantity=17'

No matter what I try, I get status code 400, bad request. What am I missing?  Thanks in advance.


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Your URL needs to end with a / for post/put/patch commands. Unfortunately, the error message you get about the missing quantity field is quite misleading!

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