Potential bug when submitting new sets?

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I am fairly new to Rebrickable and have just started tinkering with adding missing B-model sets for Creator 3-in-1 sets and Mixels Max/Mix sets. When I submit a new set and it is "pending", the default for adding parts changes from adding to one of my parts lists to adding to the "Custom List" of the set I am adding. This is great and helpful except that I'm finding when I make a mistake and, say, add 3 instead of 2 of a given part, I am unable to accurately correct/edit the the list from the pending set. If I add a part in error, I cannot delete it unless I use the Bulk Edit feature. If I want to change quantity, it seems to have no effect. As a result, I have been generating set inventories to my parts lists and then submitting sets once complete. This runs the risk of someone else working on the same list as I am. This only happened to me once so far (i.e., I created B-model lists that were already awaiting approval since I couldn't "Submit set" until my own inventory was done from my parts lists). I'm not sure if that makes sense or not but I thought I'd post to find out if this is a bug or if I'm not using the features properly.

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