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no download link after purchase.


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Hello i´ve just  bought a moc instruction. It was MOC-1087. 


But when i go to Moc purchases under my account it says i havn´t any purchases and no download link is availble. 

So am i missing something, or what. Please help me, and sorry if ime litle noobish, but im new to rebrickable.''


Looks like i was a bit to quick, i have the instructions now

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problem solved

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For anyone with similar questions: the list under Purchased MOCs only has MOCs that are Rebrickable hosted. This means MOCs where the instructions are stored on the Rebrickable server. In this case the instructions were externally hosted, which is no longer possible with newly submitted MOCs. With externally hosted MOCs, the download comes from a third party, where Rebrickable has no control over.

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