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Estimated Value - Inventory questions

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My estimated value is based on 94.7 of my listed sets.

#1) Why is this? 

I only found one discussion on this issue and the answer was this: "It only looks at sets that have known prices from the last 24hrs. The prices are loaded if the sets are currently for sale at BrickLink or BrickOwl and have been looked up by someone loading those sets in a Custom List or on the Set's details page. You can force it by adding all your sets to a Custom List and loading the Buy Sets tab for it."  I tried and have no idea how to "add all your sets to a Custom List and loading the Buy Sets tab for it".  It's not intuitive. I'm not even sure if that's really the fix.

#2) Is there any way to tell which of my sets are not included in this percentage?

#3) What are the values based on? MSRP or current selling prices?

Thank you.

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