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I've a requirement to limit the number of sets returned for to be a minumu of 200 and max of 300, for example. The sets are returned ordered by number of parts in descending order.

Here's my code:


curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: key fake' 'https://rebrickable.com/api/v3/lego/sets/?page=1&page_size=301&ordering=-num_parts'


But I see the count of records returned is quite higher than 300!



{ "count": 15012, "next": "https://rebrickable.com/api/v3/lego/sets/?ordering=-num_parts&page=2&page_size=301", "previous": null, "results": [ { "set_num": "75192-1", "name": "UCS Millennium Falcon", "year": 2017, "theme_id": 171, "num_parts": 7541, "set_img_url": "https://cdn.rebrickable.com/media/sets/75192-1.jpg", "set_url": "https://rebrickable.com/sets/75192-1/ucs-millennium-falcon/", "last_modified_dt": "2017-09-12T10:47:01.429284Z" }, { "set_num": "71043-1", "name": "Hogwarts Castle", "year": 2018, "theme_id": 667, "num_parts": 6016, "set_img_url": "https://cdn.rebrickable.com/media/sets/71043-1.jpg", "set_url": "https://rebrickable.com/sets/71043-1/hogwarts-castle/", "last_modified_dt": "2019-01-30T23:16:59.633290Z" }, { "set_num": "10256-1", "name": "Taj Mahal", "year": 2017, "theme_id": 673, "num_parts": 5923, "set_img_url": "https://cdn.rebrickable.com/media/sets/10256-1.jpg", "set_url": "https://rebrickable.com/sets/10256-1/taj-mahal/", "last_modified_dt": "2019-08-28T00:50:35.928205Z" }, { "set_num": "10189-1", "name": "Taj Mahal", "year": 2008, "theme_id": 673, "num_parts": 5922, "set_img_url": "https://cdn.rebrickable.com/media/sets/10189-1.jpg", "set_url": "https://rebrickable.com/sets/10189-1/taj-mahal/", "last_modified_dt": "2019-08-22T09:35:31.607493Z" }, { "set_num": "SWMP-1", "name": "Star Wars / M&M Mosaic - Promo Set", "year": 2005, "theme_id": 169, "num_parts": 5461, "set_img_url": null, "set_url": "https://rebrickable.com/sets/SWMP-1/star-wars-mm-mosaic-promo-set/", "last_modified_dt": "2013-08-01T20:57:43.101954Z" }, { "set_num": "2000409-1", "name": "Window Exploration Bag", "year": 2010, "theme_id": 507, "num_parts": 5200, "set_img_url": "https://cdn.rebricka


What could I be missing?



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The count field shows the total number of results across all pages, but there should only be the requested number of items in the actual page of results you get.

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