Strange "Change Log" entry when importing via file from BrickLink

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I searched for an existing topic regarding this but couldn't find one, so here goes.

I just started using the "Import/Delete Parts" function available when you select a "Parts" list, and I import an xml file that's been produced by selecting "Download" on a "Wanted" list on the BrickLink site. I select the file "On Disk", select "BrickLink" as the external source and then I click the "Append Parts" button.

The parts listed in the XML file imports just fine, but when I go to the "Change Log" to confirm the imported parts, there's just a single entry for all of the imported parts. I've attached screenshot of the "Change Log" entry. Now, I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, if it is, I find it strange that I couldn't find a topic for it. I was expecting to see an entry per imported part, just like when you manually add or update a part.

I'm using Chrome Version 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit) on a Win 7 Pro SP1 64-bit installation.



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From Nathan's latest blog on the new Undo function:


However, there are still some things it does not log and hence can not undo:

  • Deleting an entire populated Set or Part List won't track deletion of the individual Sets/Parts
  • Importing into Lists
  • Deleting all Sets/Parts from a List simultaneously via the Import popup (works if you use Bulk Delete though)

I guess login every single part will be a massive load on the database.

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I don't know the reason for the imports not showing correctly within the ChangeLog, I work in IT but not with databases, so I can only speculate.
But what I do know is that having this working is at the top of my Wanted-features list now.

I've a work-around the meantime, that gives me control over which parts are imported into Rebrickable. My situation is the following; I've ordered a bunch of bricks via BrickList and now I'm registering them on the Rebrickable site.
While I'm aware that I can import an entire order in one fell swoop I don't want to do that, since some orders contain errors so I'd like to manually check my orders
before importing them to Rebrickable.

So my work-around is that I created a new Wanted list on BrickLink which I named "Import_to_Rebrickable". I've also created a Wanted list from my order, so when I've checked the bricks I want to check from a particular order, I move them to the "Import_to_Rebrickable" list. I download the list to my computer. On the Rebrickable site, I've created a new Parts list used for importing bricks from Bricklink. So now I import the XML file I downloaded from Bricklink into my new Parts list, and can now verify this Parts list with my "Import_to_Rebrickable" Wanted list on Bricklink to see that there were no issues with importing the bricks. After this I move the bricks from the Parts list to my proper Parts lists and remove the bricks from my "Import_to_Rebrickable" wanted list on Bricklink, to end up with one empty Parts list and one empty Wanted list, rinse and repeat. :)

Now, I might be the only that like to have this kind of control, and lack of trust in the import process... :) This doesn't solve the ChangeLog issue, but it gives me control of what I import into Rebrickable from my verified orders on BrickLink.

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