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Convert custom list to built list


I'm having a bit of trouble here. Say I own three sets -

  1. Set 100
  2. Set 101
  3. Set 102

Now I like a lot of aspects of these, and they fit together as a theme, so I make something using them. But, I don't use all the parts from all the sets.

So I create a custom list "My Series 100 MOC" of the parts that I used, and since these sets are in a list that is "Used in build calculations", when I hit the button to "Build this List", I get the result that I have 100% of the parts, yay!

What I want to do is mark these parts I used as something that's built, because they are unavailable to me if I'm looking to build something else. That would require these parts not be included in "Used in build calculations".

The only solution I can figure is that I

  1. Go to sets 100, 101 and 102 and click "Add Set's Parts to List" (parts list named "Series 100 MOC Parts") and then mark the sets as either not being owned, or put in a set list to not be used in build calculations
  2. Go to my custom list "My Series 100 MOC" and export the part list
  3. Import the "My Series 100 MOC" parts into my parts list "Series 100 MOC - Built" (Now I have duplicated parts)
  4. Manually find all the parts from "Series 100 MOC - Built" in the "Series 100 MOC Parts" list and remove them from it
  5. Everything left in "Series 100 MOC Parts" would then be moved to say "Loose Parts" and "Series 100 MOC Parts" would be deleted.
  6. Set "Series 100 MOC - Built" to not be used in build calculations

Do I have this right? Or is there an easier way?

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I know of no easier way using only the tools that Rebrickable offers.


When faced with a similar task of moving parts for a MOC into a new list, I originally proceeded as follows. With this approach, I could stop after any part and continue later, while the total of all part lists still accurately reflects the sum of my parts. (This was important for me, because I was working with loose parts I bought separately, not parts taken from sets I own.)

1. Have the required parts contained in a part list (I call it "donor list"). You end up there after parting out your sets as described in your step 1.
2. Have a custom list "My MOC CL" containing the required parts, and a new empty part list "My MOC" to contain the required parts.
3. For each part in the custom list, move the required number of that part from the "donor list" to "My MOC", like so:
3a. Click on the part to open its Part Summary, then go to My Parts.
3b. Find the "donor list" containing the part in the correct color. The cell at the intersection of the color and the "donor list" contains a link to the Part Summary of the part in that list.
3c. Click that link. You see the Part Summary with the "Edit this Part" tab opened.
3d. If the "donor list" contains the exact amount required, change the "List" field to "My MOC". Due to a bug (already reported in the forum), after saving the part you see the parts of another list, and you have to reload the page to see the parts of cour custom list again.
3e. If the "donor list" contains more than the required number of the part, switch to "Add Part to List/Inventory", put in the required number, select My Part List "My MOC", check "Keep Open", and "Add Part". Go back to "Edit this Part", calculate the remaining number of parts in the "donor list", change the Quantity to that value, and "Save Part".

Yeah... Quite a lot of work. Likely not faster than your approach. After doing this for 200 of the 400 parts in a MOC, I grew frustated with how slow I progressed (about 1 or 2 parts per minute).


Instead of continuing, I wrote a program that uses the Rebrickable API to perform the movement for me, which works exactly as described above. I extracted parts for several MOC using it. I don't like to share yet, as the program is undocumented and only intended for this specific use case. Learning the API was fun though, and helps me with my day job as well.


Another approach seems possible, which I did not explore yet:

Since one can export and import complete part lists and custom lists, it would be possible to write a program (maybe even using makros in a speadsheet) that performs the movement offline by modifying the downloaded part list files, and then you can re-upload the modified part lists.


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Is your script on github or anything?

The best I've come up with is to

1. Create the custom list

2. Move all the sets into parts, delete the sets

3. Export the custom list as rebrickable csv

4. Use the csv to "subtract" the parts from the parts list

5. Use the csv to create a new parts list

Much easier.

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My script is not hosted anywhere yet. When I do that, I'll post here again.

The way you found is quite nice indeed. 🙂 You already had all the parts you need in a single part list, so simply subtracting one list from another was possible. I'm thinking about doing the same with my part lists, because as of now, the parts I need for a MOC are usually distributed across multiple lists - for no obvious benefit.

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