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Convert custom list to built list


I'm having a bit of trouble here. Say I own three sets -

  1. Set 100
  2. Set 101
  3. Set 102

Now I like a lot of aspects of these, and they fit together as a theme, so I make something using them. But, I don't use all the parts from all the sets.

So I create a custom list "My Series 100 MOC" of the parts that I used, and since these sets are in a list that is "Used in build calculations", when I hit the button to "Build this List", I get the result that I have 100% of the parts, yay!

What I want to do is mark these parts I used as something that's built, because they are unavailable to me if I'm looking to build something else. That would require these parts not be included in "Used in build calculations".

The only solution I can figure is that I

  1. Go to sets 100, 101 and 102 and click "Add Set's Parts to List" (parts list named "Series 100 MOC Parts") and then mark the sets as either not being owned, or put in a set list to not be used in build calculations
  2. Go to my custom list "My Series 100 MOC" and export the part list
  3. Import the "My Series 100 MOC" parts into my parts list "Series 100 MOC - Built" (Now I have duplicated parts)
  4. Manually find all the parts from "Series 100 MOC - Built" in the "Series 100 MOC Parts" list and remove them from it
  5. Everything left in "Series 100 MOC Parts" would then be moved to say "Loose Parts" and "Series 100 MOC Parts" would be deleted.
  6. Set "Series 100 MOC - Built" to not be used in build calculations

Do I have this right? Or is there an easier way?

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