Change Log History limited to 40 pages?

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When I look at the full change log with no filters (no text search, what = any, action = any), I get 40 pages of results that goes back to Sept 14 2019.  However I filter by action (add, delete, change), I get results going back to August 9 2019 (which is about the time Nathan announced the feature, so i assume that's as far back as it is available).   I know the feature is limited to 6 months of history, but it seems I can't get all the way back when looking at the full results.  

A related question:  are the action = add|delete|change filters mutually exclusive and comprehensive of all available change log results?

I really like the change log feature.  I've used it a few times to undo mistakes or figure out why a part count doesn't match what i would expect. For me, who spends a bit of (happy) time managing my Lego collection each week, it's totally worth the cost of the pro plan to have this.  Thanks!

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