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How is "top selling premium MOCs" linked to user?



First let me say that this is more of an oddity that I spotted, than a complaint.

I only have 2 MOCs that ever sold, and only 1 left after the other got "stolen" by the Chinese. Not even complaining, they're both of "a popular license", thus I'd attribute it to that anyway.

So that one MOC sells regularly, but it got rather quiet recently. I browsed the "top-selling premium MOCs" pages, to see where it was, because it has been on the main (top-selling premium) page for like over a year. It wasn't on the main page anymore, and that's ok, I don't even think it deserved to stay there for so long, however it also was in none of the 20 pages. And that's strange because my MOCs that don't sell at all, some of them were there.

Thing is, I was logged off. I logged in, and there, my MOC was there (not on the main page anymore but on page 1).
Strange, so I logged off, and again, it wasn't there, the pages are totally different than when I'm logged in.

I'm sure there is a reason for different things to be displayed when you're logged in, however I still think there has to be a bug, because I can't have my (by magnitude) top-selling MOC not any visible while I'm seeing other MOCs of mine that have only sold 1 or 2, not even this month.

Any idea? Thanks


Edit: trying again, there is now another bug that I had already seen in the past. Right now I'm logged off and I'm not even seeing the premium MOCs anymore. When I click on the premium MOCs tab, it's exactly the same as the discounted MOCs tab now.

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