Set Inventories for 2020 Sets

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The first sets for 2020 are available in stores. And while you're adding the sets to your set lists, you'll probably notice that most sets don't have an inventory yet. 
We are asking for your patience. Normally, when a new set comes out, LEGO adds the inventory to their Bricks & Pieces site. We have a bot, that can import that inventory with a single mouse-click This time of the year however is the busiest for The LEGO Group, so there is some delay in this process.

One way to handle this, is by manually adding all inventories. But there are some drawbacks, mainly it being extremely labor intensive. It takes a long time to add all parts one by one. Besides that, every new part en print need to be submitted as new part. Mistakes are easily made. So to save you and the admin team a lot of work: Wait it out. 
This goes for every set that is tagged Pending. These are waiting on release by The LEGO Group.
I know, I want my collection to be complete too. And we really appreciate that many users are willing to put in the effort. But in this situation, it's just not worth it.

There are other ways you can help!
Some parts are not available through Bricks & Pieces, and therefor not added by our bot. These are Stickers, and most Plastic Sheets. For these parts, we are fully relying on user input.

For Stickers, here is a short how-to:
Each sticker sheet has a number on it, in the format xxxxx/yyyyyyy
The xxxxx section becomes the part number for the Sticker Sheet.
The yyyyyy section is the Element ID. Please add this number in step 3 of the Part Submission process.
Part name standard: Sticker Sheet for Set 00000-1
Category: Stickers
Material = plastic
Please also upload a photo of the sticker sheet when possible. You are our only source for these. We can't accept photos from other sites, only home-made.

Also, when an inventory is added, there might be mistakes in it. For some reason, LEGO sometime leaves out parts, other than Sticker Sheets. If you have the set, grab the building instructions and check the inventory against the list in the back, If you spot a mistake, send us a Change Request. You don't have to submit an entirely new inventory, just let us know which parts are missing. If everything is okay, please let us know too, so we can tag the set Checked/Complete. That way, other users don't do double work.

Thanks for your support!


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Just a extra note. If a set has the tag Needs Inventory only (ie does not have a pending tag) please feel free to submit inventories. This is the tag we use when we can’t get the inventory from LEGO. Mostly used for older or obscure sets.

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The files seem to be early this year. I've started sending out the bot and am adding inventories one by one.
When I'm done with an inventory, I add the tag UNCHECKED to the set. This means I've only loaded the inventory provided by, without me having the set in hand. If you have a set that is tagged UNCHECKED, please check the inventory against the list in the back of the Building Instructions, and send in any changes by Change Request.

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