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Lego Brick 3007 2x8 Black


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3 hours ago, JayRun13.1 said:

85x85p.jpg?1579392221.8732452  I need 756 of 3007 to build MOC  


Name Docking Bay 327
Designer CyberLogic
Designed 2019
Inventory 9100

Star Wars > Ultimate Collector Series

  Can I use Brick 


Color Family: BlackExact Color: BlackCategory: Y910Element ID: 6037390Design ID: 93888Price: $0.36   As an Alternate.  Both are 2x8  Both Are in Black

Part 93888 is the same as 3007. If you search either number in our database it will take you to 3007. So yes you can use either part. 

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To clarify: LEGO for some reason assigns new numbers to existing parts, like in this case. The number molded on the part stays the same. We merge these parts into the original, similar to BrickLink. Other sites like BrickOwl shows both numbers in the part page.
I've added the 93888 number to the 3007 as linked for LEGO and Brickset, so imports from those sites will go correctly.

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