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Is it allowed to digitize sets from other companies?

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At first, i am sorry for my english, its not good but i hope you get what i mean.

So there are alot of Sets, not from Lego, Like Sembo, Xingbao or what else. (i dont mean Illegal Copies of Lego Sets)

Some of my Friends Like this sets a lot, but wont buy them, cause they arent real Lego, and maybe there are other people like them.

So the Problem is, Lego has a PDF Instruction from each set online, but other Companies dont have this.

So i would like to digitize some sets with a partlist (many companies dont have a partlist too), so people could rebrick this sets with real lego parts.

Is this allowed to do?

Thanks for your replies!

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First of all you probably end up with part problems, most alternative brands has their own parts that doesn't have a counter part in Lego. if you make a MOC that is inspired by another brand you will be fine. even if you get very close to ripping it completely off.

if you do the exact same model make sure you alter the instruction flow and don't sell the result. ie post it for free and be honest that it's a copy/based of "brand X set no Y. 

There shouldn't be any problems since your not profiting from their trademark.

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