Can't lose part of 60063-21

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I have lost part 2489 from set 60063.

For some reason set 60063 has no parts but there are sets for each individual day of the advent calendar, and according to my set list, I own 60063-1 through 60063-25.

If I visit https://rebrickable.com/sets/60063-21/advent-calendar-2014-city-day-20-axe-shovel-and-logs/ it says "You have 1 of this Set in your LEGO Collection".

On that page, I click the barrel, then click My Lost Parts, then click Add Lost Part, but then it says "You must have set 60063-21 in your Set Lists collection before you can Lose parts from it".

I'm very confused.

I'm guessing there's something weird about 60063. I doubt I added each one of these sets individually to my set list, so presumably at some point the set got autosplit or something?

I'd much rather that set be handled the same way other advent calendars are handled (as one set), for what it's worth.

Browser: Chrome. OS: Linux.

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It’s because the set is set up with its sub sets as separate sets, not sub sets. It’s how things were done on older versions of the site. It’s a lot of work to change them all over, something that will happen eventually. 
mom the meantime I’ve added the whole inventory for 60063-1. It is unchecked so there may be errors as it’s an old set (when scraping the inventory from LEGO they use their most recent version of parts meaning if you scrape an old set some parts or colors may be incorrect). 
I’ll check it later, for now please be aware.



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