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42099 4x4 X-treme barely moves


I built the 42099 "B" Rocky MOC, putting in a rear locked differential, open front differential. This was the first time I used the control + motors. The model barely moves, like the batteries are almost dead. I've used new Duracell AA alkaline batteries and freshly charged Duracell rechargeable AA batteries. I do not detect any binding in the drive trains. I've used the Control + app and the Buwizz app.

Even holding the model off the ground it acts like batteries are almost dead.

I did put slightly taller tires on the build, see photos. The super swamper tires in the last photo are the same size as stock. Both tires are real rubber

When I bought the 42099, I built the original kit, disassembled and built Effermans' Ultimate MOC, then disassembled and built the ROCKY MOC. I did not run the motors until I built the ROCKY.

Any ideas on what I can check / do?







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