Off-by-one on top-line in count for "total parts"

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Looking at my all-parts count I see on the top line 37,501 and counted on export as html table there are 37,500.

I can not explain it clear enough in text. So I add an annotated screenshot:



Running win10 ; picture is from FireFox 74.0

On chrome 80.0.3987.132  the total count is not on the top-line, but on the left side of the screen. It states:

"You have 37,501 parts across all your Set Lists and Part Lists."

And to the right:

"Showing 100 of 2,305 unique parts/colors (37,500 total quantity)"

Different presentation, but same count difference.

All my part lists and sets lists are selected.

Hope this is clear enough.

Thank you.



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Browser opera does it similar.

I think  this difference came up in the last few weeks. Not sure though.

Thinking out loud: could it be that I have part list that has NO parts in it?


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How long has these error occurred? It might be a set has been changed and not all counters have been updated yeyet. Or a set has an inactive part, not showing up in the part list.

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Hi Toby,

As I wrote above I am not SURE but the feeling is that the total count changed the last few weeks.

Again not sure: last change I saw (without changing anything myself) was a sticker sheet that changed part-id.

How could I help debugging? Fiddling with my sets administration? Maybe not my favorite 😉

I might add a temporary second ID for me and add a set one by one and look at the counts?


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While browsing other bug reports I came accross forum item:

Topic 3466 empty list with nonzero count

Could well be that these two topics are related.

Added a bicycle frame part 4719 to the empty parts-list I have.

The total-count (on the top) did not up by one. This count did up by one (correctly):

Showing 100 of 2,305 unique parts/colors (37,501 total quantity)

After deleting the bicycle frame from my Part List 31255 the top-count once again is in synch with the total-quantity.

So I think I described a scenario to reproduce (maybe...)



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