Finding deleted/changed part IDs

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I've noticed in my app that uses the Rebrickable API there are a number of parts that seem obsolete, and when I click through to get to the Rebrickable page I get an error. I believe a number of these are from parts that have either been deleted or had the part number changed in the system. Normally when I refresh I can check if the name has changed or maybe the category. But I don't know how I'd know if it was replaced by a different ID and was no longer valid.


I'm using the /api/v3/lego/parts/ API


For example I have part # 44375pr0003 in my database which is no longer valid on Rebrickable. I also have 44375bpr0003 which appears to be its replacement, but other than looking one at a time, is there a way to find when a part# is no longer valid?

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In that specific case the number was changed to reflect the correct mold variation.

If a part get ‘replaced’ with a totally new part there will most likely be (not always 100% present) mappings in place that would automatically direct you to the correct part. However if it’s just a number change that won’t happen. 

Unfortunately that’s the extent of my knowledge. I’m no help regarding how to tell when parts change number, sorry.

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