Bug: "find Parts To Build" Does Not Work With Private Moc

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When trying to find parts to build my private MOC with pieces from sets I own nothing is shown. I currently have 54 sets in my collection and this functionality works fine with official and other people's public MOCs.


Sequence of actions to reproduce bug.

1. Navigate to

2. Select private MOC to open, in this case mine is titled "PRIV-003631 (145 parts) - Mech1"

3. From the private MOC page select the link "Build this MOC with your sets and parts"

4. From this page select the red button "Find Parts to Build"

5. See attached screenshot for result.


Does this work for anyone else?

Is there some limitation for private MOCs?


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Fixed now... sort of.


The problem is that Private MOCs can't be built with anything other than exact colors due to a (probably stupid) decision I made early in the v2 build. I have updated both the build and find parts to build pages to force the color matching to exact when it is a private MOC.

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