Different Variants Of The Same Part (Listed As Well) In The Same Set.

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Hi there, i've a question for you.


I noticed something this week : in two of my recents sets, two parts were old variants instead of the new ones. In fact one was a new variant and the other an actual one.


in my 75033 set (star destroyer microfigher), i had a 3794a and a 3794b instead of two 3794b according to the instruction booklet.

in my 75074 set (snowspeeder microfighter), i had a 60897 and a 4085 instead of two 60897.


I don't really care for the 3794 since they're quite identical (and inside the set) but the clips of the snowspeeder are visible, it's quite a pity.


Since i just emerged from the dark ages, i wonder if it's an usual situation.


Have a nice day.

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Well that's gonna make our life miserable in the topic about clip types and dates...


We were getting pretty sure some sets were sometimes made with varying types of the same part from one instance to the next. However, it's the first time I've heard of multiple types in one instance of a set. I only have a handful of recent sets so I couldn't tell you if it is a common occurrence now. I know it wasn't back in the 80's. But then, sets had less parts so the would have been less chance of this happening anyway.

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