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  2. Adding Tags to Sets

    Finn is a Star wars character not a Lego Movie character. so he is misplaced in the tips and tricks. Batman belong both to Super Heroes and Lego Movie.
  3. Adding Tags to Sets

    Well that make it so that some sets that doesn't contain batman appears so the character tag doesn't work as either a character or theme tag right now. unless you plan to remove the subgenre: batman, which wouldn't be a bad idea it would be better to have a DC universe theme rather then one for each major character. especially now with the character tags.
  4. Discount one partlist from another

    No problem
  5. Discount one partlist from another

    OK Thx for all your help
  6. Discount one partlist from another

    You can set a custom list to public or private. You can find this under 'my lego' -> 'my custom lists'
  7. Discount one partlist from another

    Ah OK thanks I hope that wasn´t a dumb question but i am new here on rebrickable One more question: When i add my LDD file in a custom list on rebrickable can it be seen by every rebrickable user or only by me ? (I ask because when i go on rebrickable i can see a lot of MOCs made by other people) The problem with that is that i can´t publish "my" Star Wars millennium falcon because i bought the LDD file for the falcon from RichboyJhae, who put a lot of work in the design and sells the manuals, now. Even though I modified the falcon a little bit after i bought the LDD file, the most work was done by RichboyJhae and Marshal Banana and i don´t want that they don´t get the money they deserve
  8. Discount one partlist from another

    You can load the ldd file in a custom list here on rebrickable. Make a set list of the sets you have. Then in the custom list you can see which parts you are missing and add them to a bricklink or brickowl wanted list
  9. Discount one partlist from another

    Hello there , at the moment i have a parts list for a MOC made with the LDD. And I just want to know whether there is a program or a website where i can import my partlist and the partlist of some Lego sets i already own and see wich parts are still remaining for my Moc so i can create a wanted list on brickling with all the parts i still need except the parts i already own by the use of the sets i own. Thanks in adwance for any help :-)
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  11. parts with stickers

    You can already do this on the Pro Plan, sorry not available on Free Plan.
  12. Loading site cause Firefox to crash

    Good to hear!
  13. Im in over my head!

    Yeah and that kind will miss place parts quick enough. when he get up to school age, you can get more organised. but if you go for sorting which isn't as boring and tedious as it sounds, you can make a game out of it. I find it relaxing a bit like meditation. first rough sorting should be by part category then by part and last by color. You stop when the number of parts is manageable. ie you might end up stopping already at part category for some while going all the way to part + color sorting for some common bricks.
  14. Im in over my head!

    Hi, there, welcome to the forum! In my memory, as a 4 year old boy (56 years ago -smile), the best way to play with LEGO is to sit on the floor and surround yourself with all your bricks in the most chaotic fashion possible. And the noise those bricks make as your hands are searching for some special part is something that will remembered for the rest of ones life as the Sound of Creative Freedom. Don't bother sorting for a 4 year old boy, it is a complete waste of time. At that age I think it is more important to train visual recognition. Just my idea -smile-. (And if you do want to sort, start by color, or by size. Color is great for creative building - make a yellow banana, or a red rose; while size, as in small, medium, and large makes it a little easier to find what you need.) Take care, Simon
  15. Im in over my head!

    Greetings everyone. I am dad to a 4yr old boy and I wanted to get him started with a good Lego collection early on. So 13 sets later and a giant bag of loose parts, I have a mess! I've read about sorting and that sorting by piece instead of color is the best way to go, but is there any way to expedite the process? I mean it seems like an incredibly tedious task to log every loose brick, but then if I don't, I won't be able to see what other creations we can build. I wish there was a Lego Sorting Machine....
  16. Loading site cause Firefox to crash

    Now using 43.0.1 which works well
  17. Loading site cause Firefox to crash

    I could, but it then breaks a lot of what I use each day, as they no longer work with later versions of FF.
  18. Loading site cause Firefox to crash

    Surely you mean Firefox 58? v28 is very old and probably doesn't support some of the changes I just released. If it's really v28 can you update it?
  19. Loading site cause Firefox to crash

    If I try to load the site in with Firefox 28.0, FF crashes. Odd thing is, yesterday the site was running fine and I have not changed anything in the browser! Also the site appears to be loading from and freezes partway through loading. OS: Windows XP Clicking on link to website in bookmarks.
  20. Price Guide

    No. The pricing data is owned by BrickLink and BrickOwl.
  21. parts with stickers

    Dear Rebrickable team I started to create an inventory of my spare parts (by the way, thanks for your great database, I will contribute as much as I can), and I'm facing a problem: I have a lot of parts with stickers already applied. May I suggest to include in the "part details page" one checkbox for "with sticker", if possible? It would be very useful when looking for a specific part in parts lists... Thank you
  22. Color variations

    This question was just recently asked at BrickLink. Here is a link to that discussion. I can't really say it any better than what was posted there.
  23. EV3 screen

    The screen of my EV3 brick is very dim, can I improve it or can I display it on my PC?
  24. New to Rebrickable, Please help!

    You can import your .lxf to a custom list (under the My LEGO menu). Then go to the tab 'Buy Parts'. There you can add the parts to a BrickLink (or BrickOwl) wanted list.
  25. Color variations

    I've been setting up an inventory of all my loose parts. Currently up to 7000, and I don't think I'm half way there. However, I'm looking back and checking with peeron for colors, and they are different than rebrickable, and different from brickset. What gives? Can't we all just get along and use the same colors?
  26. New to Rebrickable, Please help!

    I don't have much experience with Bricklink orders, perhaps someone else on the Forum has more knowledge or has ran into this themselves. The only thing I can think of is this: Please check your Settings > Buying LEGO Tab. Halfway down you see: Miscellaneous Open Stores/Add to Carts in new tab? (browser might be blocking them if nothing seems to happen) Mine is set to No, and then, when pressing Bricklink Order, the Bricklink login window does indeed appear.
  27. New to Rebrickable, Please help!

    I want to bricklink my order but, when I press, bricklink my order, it doesn't work, all it does is reload the page
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