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  2. We do not accept complete Set inventories taken directly from BrickLink. I am working on these CMF this weekend. All the minifig and other printed parts have to be checked and many have to be given new numbers and descriptions. From past experience we have found it's best to let one person do the initial catalog work for the entire series.
  3. yup i cant work it out was trying to add the sets to here cos the sets arn't on here yet
  4. Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

    You can on this page just export Rebrickable part list as Bricklink xml, and you can upload it there you need to check it and maybe correct some parts. Instructions are there to help.
  5. bricklink have all the The LEGO Ninjago Movie Collectible Minifigure inventories up but i cant work out how to inport the sets to here i can do it for brickset but i cant work it out for bricklink maybe someone else can add them
  6. Last week
  7. Bricklink export error

    Well, if you're missing one lot that way, you would probably also miss it via xml or bsx. Some part numbers are different on Bricklink then on Rebrickable (mainly printed parts). If Rebrickable is missing a mapping between its own part number and Bricklinks part number, the part is unknown for Bricklink no matter the export type.
  8. Fabuland minifigs

    Thanks for the offer. This weekend I'm concentrating on Ninjago CMF. I started on a list of my own Fabuland Figures a few years ago before I became an Admin. I'll take a look for it next week and get back to you.
  9. Bricklink export error

    I tried exporting bsx file and it failed - I got unspecified error message as I mentioned in the first post. Next i exported it to xml and manualy copy-paste - got abovementioned error message. Using "Export to bricklink wanted list" works fine! Thanks! However, I'm missing one lot Got 473 unique lots, bricklink accepts 472. I'm going to check which part didn't come through.
  10. Bricklink export error

    Hmm, when I paste the xml in the textbox it works fine for me. What exactly is the list you're trying to upload? And again, in the meantime, you can upload your list using the 'Export to bricklink wanted list' button on the buy tab on Rebrickable. Or export as .bsx file and upload that to Bricklink.
  11. Fabuland minifigs

    Ok. Is there anything that I could do to help here?
  12. Fabuland minifigs

    It has been planned to move the Fabuland, Belville, and Scala figures to Non-Buildable Figures. Just waiting to see if it is possible to do it as a bulk project once the bugs from launching v3 were under control.
  13. I still haven't received my box, but I've added these parts through the download. I'd like to ask everyone to wait to use them, because they need changes and corrections. I'll be working on them over the weekend, and will post a status report when I finish. Thanks!
  14. API returns 404 for get elements

    I have no idea why it returns a 404, that's something for @Nathan It does return a result when you put the element id in the 'search' parameter of /api/v3/lego/parts/ function.
  15. API returns 404 for get elements

    I was trying to convert a list of element ids and quantities into part ids, colors, and quantities. For some reason element id 6097419 gives a 404 error. Expected: the data for part 3023 color 322 (which lists two different element ids on its page, one of which is 6097419) Actual: 404 error. Also the API for getting by partid/color only lists one element id in its return value.
  16. Picked up a polybag set last night and it seems to be missing from the database here. 30497-1: First Order Heavy Assault Walker Release year: 2017 Theme: Star Wars > Mini Brickset listing BrickLink listing It's a mini model of the AT-M6 walker that's set to appear in The Last Jedi.
  17. Bricklink export error

    I tried manually copy/pasting and got error as follows: The document entered contains duplicate item/color combinations. Only one item of each item/color combination is allowed. Please fix the following duplicates: Item No: 3623, Color: 0 Item No: 2445, Color: 0 Item No: 4589, Color: 0 Item No: 970c86, Color: 0 Item No: 3024, Color: 0 Item No: 3068b, Color: 0 Item No: 3957, Color: 0 Item No: 3024, Color: 0 Item No: 3623, Color: 0 Item No: 2654, Color: 0 Item No: 3460, Color: 0 Item No: 4740, Color: 0 Item No: 2610, Color: 0 Item No: 57467a, Color: 0 Item No: 2489, Color: 0 Item No: 4073, Color: 0 Item No: 3024, Color: 0 Item No: 3032, Color: 0 Item No: 3899, Color: 0 Item No: 4265c, Color: 0 Item No: 3023, Color: 0 Item No: 2817, Color: 0 Item No: 3737, Color: 0 Item No: 3847, Color: 0 Item No: 2458, Color: 0 Item No: 2446, Color: 0 Item No: 3651, Color: 0 Item No: 4589, Color: 0 Item No: 973px61c01, Color: 0 Item No: 4592c02, Color: 0 Item No: 2435, Color: 0 Item No: 4032, Color: 0 Item No: 4589, Color: 0 Item No: x187, Color: 0 Item No: 73590c01a, Color: 0 Item No: 4081b, Color: 0 Item No: 3024, Color: 0 Item No: 3023, Color: 0 Item No: 3069b, Color: 0 Item No: 3024, Color: 0 Item No: 3039pb013, Color: 0 Item No: 970c00, Color: 0 Item No: 3626ap01, Color: 0 Item No: 3795, Color: 0 Item No: 3838, Color: 0 Item No: 4073, Color: 0 Item No: 3020, Color: 0 Item No: 3710, Color: 0 Item No: 970c00, Color: 0 Item No: 44658a, Color: 0 Item No: 4349, Color: 0 Item No: 2412b, Color: 0 Item No: 3963, Color: 0 Item No: 3626bp02, Color: 0 Item No: 3700, Color: 0 Item No: 4740, Color: 0 Item No: 4349, Color: 0 Item No: 4589, Color: 0 Item No: 3959, Color: 0 Item No: 3713, Color: 0 Item No: 973px170c01, Color: 0 Item No: 4073, Color: 0 Item No: 2625, Color: 0 Item No: 2825, Color: 0 Item No: 4073, Color: 0 Item No: 3660, Color: 0 Item No: 3020, Color: 0 Item No: 4315, Color: 0 Item No: 4265a, Color: 0 Item No: 3838, Color: 0 Item No: 3040p33, Color: 0 Item No: 3024, Color: 0 Item No: 4073, Color: 0 Item No: 3673, Color: 0 Item No: 3033, Color: 0 Item No: 3710, Color: 0 Item No: 2433, Color: 0 Item No: 3708, Color: 0 Item No: 3832, Color: 0 Item No: 2680, Color: 0
  18. Fabuland minifigs

    I noticed that the Fabuland minifigs are listed under "Minifigs" instead of "Non-buildable Figures (Duplo, Fabuland, etc)". As there are 8000+ parts in "Minifigs" and only <150 parts in "Non-buildable Figures (Duplo, Fabuland, etc)" I think it would be a usability improvement to move them to the latter category. Also logically this makes sense as they are non-buildable in a similar way as the newer Duplo figures.
  19. Bricklink export error

    I see. That problem is known (at least for me ) and I think it's a fault at Bricklink and not at Rebrickable. At least the last time I checked (which is a month or two ago now I think), uploading the xml file resulted in an error, but manually copy/pasting the contents of the xml file in the upload text-area did work. Which makes it seem like there is no error in the xml file, only in Bricklinks file-upload thing. But again, that was a little while ago, maybe something changed in the meantime, I'd have to take a look at it again. Also, exporting directly to Bricklink without the use of an xml file by going to the Buy tab on Rebrickable and then selecting Export to Bricklink Wanted List also works fine.
  20. Bricklink export error

    On bricklink.
  21. Bricklink export error

    Where exactly did you get this error? On Rebrickable or on Bricklink?
  22. Bricklink export error

    Hello While exporting my missing parts to bricklink I got a message that there is an error in xml but nothing specific. What could be the reason for this? Have you experienced the same thing?
  23. Don't export spare parts

    I'd like to bump/repeat this feature requests. I actually recently spoke with more people wanting this very same feature, they're just not active on these forums (and thus don't vote/reply).
  24. Search restrictions 500 is way to low

    Marchel; I can help - just give me a few hours. -smile- I need to check some things first, then I will PM you with a solution. Simon
  25. Search restrictions 500 is way to low

    This does not work with the search function so as it is now, even if i turn it arround i only get the first 1000 just the other way arround, and not the other 1000 so as i thought would be returned. Just checked the first 1000 mini fig Access but the other 1000 i can not reach and also not check, i only need it 1 day to check this catagory then i'm ready!!! Also when i search on a color i can only search in the first 1000 which i allready did get in the normal search, but they are only sorted on the color now, and again not the missing 1000 from the normal search. The others are really vanished in the system on this moment, and i can not reach them if i do not have them in my collection. My collection gives 1674 different mini fig access parts but there are part with more then 1 color so thats no option and gives also only arround 1000 different parts.
  26. When a Set theme is wrong?

    At the moment our motto is least effort = leave it. The example set you gave probably has its roots back to the very beginning of rebrickable when this was pretty much a TECHNIC only kinda place.
  27. 1064-1 Dacta buildings: missing inventory

    What biodreamer has said is very true. These Dacta sets could only be ordered by educators, and they came with a variety of parts that differed from one person's set to the next. When I lived in Germany, I was able to order set 1066 for my son's church class in 1986. I was able to inventory it here at rebrickable because I still had the original box with a label showing the contents I received. However, someone else may have received different parts from mine if they ordered it during the original release year.
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