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  2. How to buy from a Brickstore xml

    I have purchased a parts list in Brickstore.xml file. How do I order all the parts from brickable? (I'm brand new: need step by step instructions). Thanks. Michael
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  4. My account isn't transferred from MOCplans

    I have just manually reset your password, you should get an email from me. If not, please send me an email [email protected] as it might be getting spammed.
  5. Downloadable parts list with extenal IDs

    I just noticed that you added the part_relationships table to the downloads. Thanks for this!
  6. Inline form elements not properly aligned

    A nice easy fix to give me a break from the other stuff for a few mins
  7. Inline form elements not properly aligned

    Oh wow. That was fast. Thanks!
  8. Incorrect prices

    Yes - in your settings under the Inventories tab, turn off the Show Part Prices option
  9. Inline form elements not properly aligned

    Thanks, fixed.
  10. Parts counting twice in Build Results

    That was a lot harder than I expected. It turned out to be a bug that's been there since day 1. It should be working much better now.
  11. I currently see the following in Firefox 57 on the part summary modal: Here's the HTML for the out of place number input: <span class="width-100 block-inline"> <input ... /> </span> Here's what I'd recommend as a quick fix: <span class="form-inline"> <input ... /> </span> The .form-inline class provides the necessary resets to be able to use the .form-control class inline. Honestly, you could probably dump a lot of the p and span tags and just apply the .form-inline class on the form tag as intended. Here's what it looks like for me after that change:
  12. Persist checkbox values

    I'd personally be helped if the values of several check boxes persisted across my session or preferably even my user profile. In particular, the search filter checkboxes, and the "Keep open" option on the part details page.
  13. I don't personally care much about properly assigning part variations when I'm entering new parts into my inventory. I'd love the option to only show the most common and/or recent part variations in search results. Here are some examples of results that aren't great for me currently: When searching for certain parts, half the results may be irrelevant for my use case. I'd really appreciate having the option to only show the most recent or common variation.
  14. My account isn't transferred from MOCplans

    Thank you Thea! If desired I can show payment details, and mails to and from mr. Rusconi (the maker of the instructions concerned). Hope you are able to solve this. I sincerely hope that there aren't too many cases like this. I await your action/response. Regards, Arjen
  15. Looking at 93218 in the change log, the number was deleted. I'm not sure why, so I'll dig a little deeper and get back to you. In the Forum, post a photo taken by you of the part you purchased from the LEGO Store build-a-minifig. After allowing some time for members to comment on if it's already listed or a valid new part, the part could be created.
  16. How to Handle inventory of 3 in 1 Sets

    Yes, that's much clearer than my description.
  17. How to Handle inventory of 3 in 1 Sets

    A better definition would be that spares are all parts that are not in the list in the back of the instructions. All parts that are in the list are the parts in the main inventory, whether you need them in a model or not. For the parts needed to build 1 of the models you can look at the sub-model (if availible)
  18. Hello, can you please add the field "Inventory" (inventory version) to the csv export file in the option "Export Sets" of the page "My Set Lists"? Actually when I export my sets list, I loose the information of the version I own of each set. Best regards.
  19. Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Part Relationships Here

    I just got a printed part with nearly the same print as 18746pr0002 (I think mine has regular blue print not medium blue but I'm not sure) from the build a minifig area at the lego store. The part that I have has the number 93218 molded on the underside. A search of 93218 does not return any results, so I think it should be added to as an alternate to part 18746. On a side note, does anyone add the different printed parts from the build a minifig. I have seen a number of printed parts that I don't believe are in any sets. A lot of them appear to be different colors of some of the collectable minifigs.
  20. How to Handle inventory of 3 in 1 Sets

    That doesn't sound right to me, is it an official recommendation? The main inventory should surely contain all the parts required to build each of the models in the set as that would be the inventory you would need to complete the set. If the main model doesn't use all these parts then rather than moving the unused (but not spare) parts to the spare parts list the largest model should also be listed as a b model. For instance If you look at then you will see that the campervan contains 2 less parts than the full set. If the unused parts are listed as spares then there is no way to find out all the non spare pieces you need to complete the set. Looking at the box picture for 31031 it looks like there will be 4 lots of 44567a in the chameleon so I think it is correct that these are listed as parts in the main inventory.
  21. This set has now been downloaded and added to the database.
  22. My account isn't transferred from MOCplans

    Hi Arjen and welcome to Rebrickable! Currently the only one who can help you is Nathan, the owner of Rebrickable. I'll bring your message to his attention @Nathan, and you can also send him more detailed information by using the private Messenger feature. It's the white envelope icon at the top of the page. Thea
  23. My account isn't transferred from MOCplans

    Hi there! A few months ago I ordered 2 MOCplans building instructions. After pay I received admission to the instructions. Today I discovered the merge between MOCplans and Rebrickable. Allthough it says old customers should be able to log in, I couldn't. I tried to reset my password, this also did not work. It seems I am unknown in the new environment. Can you tell me how I am able to download my MOCplans instructions? Regards, Arjen
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  25. Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

    You can also ad it you're self if you have the level, is the easiest way i think
  26. Did I post this request in the wrong forum?
  27. My Set List

    Using a Set List for the sets you own or you've build is perfectly fine. If you want to keep all your sets assembled, use Edit List Details and deselect "Use these Sets in Build calculations". The parts in your sets will NOT be used in the Build process. However, if you have some sets on display, and others that you're willing to take apart if needed, you can select "Use these Sets in Build calculations" for all your sets and use Assembled Sets for those sets you do not want to take apart.
  28. My Set List

    I am a little confused if I should be using "My Set List" or "Assembled Set" as to where I keep my sets that I have put together. I have them right now in "My Set List".
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