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    Also only certain % of parts contains info on the price, see your "My LEGO collection", where you can see something like: When some expensive part gets the price or that part is no longer on sale, value can fluctuate greatly. Also note that specific part can sometimes get unrealistic value.
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  4. TobyMac

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    The value is determined by the for-sale prices on Bricklink, Brickowl and ebay. These are daily (I think, at least ince in a given period) calculatrded, and can fluctuate. When the average price goes down, so does your collection.
  5. ShanBec

    Confused New Collector

    I just started inventorying my legos a few months ago. One week ago, my collection showed on here to be valued approximately at $2200.00, and in the last week, I added approximately 500 new parts to my inventory and now it says $1700. How could value go down when I added to the inventory? any info would be greatly appreciated!
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  8. Added Tip for next time: if you put this in a Change Request (button at bottom of set page), it gets added to our to-do list. In the forum it tends to get lost. And you'll get points, unlocking new features!
  9. In the main menu bar under Account is an option MOC sales.
  10. Hey guys, imho there are some relationships missing in the file part_relationships.csv, for example the relation between 4599a and 4599b. Is this so or am I mistaken? And if so, will there be an update? Thanks very much in advance and for your excelent work at rebrickabe. Have a nice weekend, cheers, l3g0
  11. Set nr.: 60172-1 Set name: Dirt Road Pursuit Year released: 2018 Set theme: Town - City - Police Missing extra parts: 87994 Black(0) 3024 Black(0) 2780 Black(0) 3024 Dark Bluish Gray(72) 54200 Dark Bluish Gray(72) 61482 Light Bluish Gray(71) 4697b Light Bluish Gray(71) 3024 Red(4) 6141 Red(4) 98138 Trans-Clear(47) 98138 Trans-Dark Blue(33) 54200 Trans-Yellow(46) 46304 White(15) 3070b White(15) 32123b Yellow(14) thanks in advance
  12. ZiO

    Someone stolen my creations

    Because my mail is not yet been replied, I post here to call for help. I think it is a serious problem, could anyone tolerate his own creations been replicated for business? Dear Rebrickable administrator: It is sad to say there are some of my creations been replicated and posted on the Rebrickable site. Although this builder had modified my creations a little, I still can tell they are 99% replicated from mine! I also found he might replicate others creation: original builder: How would you approach this problem? Thanks
  13. Hello, Simple question. Where do I go to see my MOC sales? Thanks,
  14. Hi, I have lost 25 Technic Bushes ( in total, spread over 5 sets. The quantities are 3, 4, 4, 4 and 10. On the Buy Parts view of My Lost Parts, I click on the Buy button of a shop and only one of the five quantities (in this case 10) is transferred into to shopping cart, although there are more in stock at this shop. I guess it's a bug or do I have misconfigured something? Thanks. Niko
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  17. It seems that similar situation is also with normal tiles with or without groove. Using same method as above (investigating my own sets and looking at the official pictures) it's very probable that tiles with groove were introduced only in 1976. So that would mean that all sets before that year should exlusively use tiles without groove. So I suggest following: update all sets before 1976 (exlusive) to use tiles without groove and all sets before 1993 (exlusive) to use 2412a. The rest of the sets should be considered as being in transition period (how long?) and therefore can possibly use either variant. Most of the time the inventory already lists the newer mold but additional inventory with the older one can possibly be added on the case by case basis. Does this makes sense or has someone better solution (ideally not just "doing nothing")?
  18. yep looks like there is some sets from 1990 and 1991 that clearly shouldn't have the 2412b. I can confirm 6354-1 and 1611-1 used the old 2412a.
  19. Unfortunately, I entered my dark age a few years before that so I can't really help with that one. One trick is to check for rare colors that would have been produced only before or after the proposed switch date and see if any of that color are on the market. Also, it might be a good idea to start a separate topic for this conversation instead of putting it all in this generic set inventory topic.
  20. I found the answer to 1) as well. The only question standing is 3).
  21. I've found the answer to the most important ones. I'm still looking for an answer to 1) and 3) though.
  22. Yes, I'm aware of the of the fact that there's no perfect solution. That doesn't mean, though, that current situation can't be improved. If we can't achieve 100% accuracy we can at least improve at consistency. I've quite a lot of sets from this period from various sources and I have way more extra 2412a parts (without bottom groove) than what I would expect from the sets' part lists. That for me is kind of statistical proof that most of the sets before 1992 which now list 2412b among their parts lists actually use 2412a. Btw isn't it actually so that 2412b was introduced only in 1993 and so that was when the transition period started? Because if that was true then there would be now argument about what to do with the older sets. They should simply all use 2412a.
  23. We had the same kind of problems when we did the plates with clips and cliplights a few years ago. Also, you can't rely on set pictures, event from the actual boxes. I've had new sets that contained variants different from the ones on the box and instructions. There's usually a transition period of few years when both versions were in use, sometimes in the very same box. I think there is sadly no perfect solution to this.
  24. Sorry if this is the wrong place. Where can I find that forum?
  25. You should really post these questions on the forum, so if the feature doesn't exist it might be added by the developers. I can't help doesn't run on any of my computers so I have never had the chance to learn how to use the instruction part because their software broke for me before that was implemented.
  26. Hi all, I'm new to rebrickable. I've already found some great MOC's which my 4yo son really likes to build. Especially the ones where the building instructions are included, without them it becomes too hard for him. So, to give something back (and because I loved doing it) I've build my first MOC that I want to share. I've build the model in real life, I've build the model in and I've broken it down into steps, exactly like I want it. But after that I get a little bit stuck. There are some things that I would like to do, which I just can't get to work. I hope you all could help me out here. 1) When I'm in 'page design' all the new parts are surrounded by red lines. Is there a way to switch these off? 2) Sometimes I want to look at my build from below and sometimes from above. How can I switch the orientation between steps? I can change the orientation, but then it changes for all the steps at the same time. 3) Is there a way to move the pieces around in the 'you need this to build this step'-box? 4) Is there a way to move pictures from one step to another? I sometimes want this when I don't want to include every substep of every hinge plate, for example. I think these are all my questions for now, but more might pop up when I continue to make the instructions. Thanks!
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