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  2. kids will play with the parts they get, it's that simple. they will simply build their own ship if the instruction or major parts are missing for the original set. let them use their own imagination and do a spaceship with the hull or whatever they might come up with.
  3. LPF2 comes from the Part Name that comes with the info from the Element ID (the 7 digit number in the back of the instructions): LPF2.0 MEDIUM MOTOR for 21980/. At the time there was no 'clean' name known yet, so we used this.
  4. Thanks. One part is missing: Formerly known as "WeDo 2.0 Medium Motor" from the Education line (, this is an official Powered Up component now, see new description in LEGO-Shop: ("Connect the LEGO® Powered Up 45303 Simple Medium Linear Motor to the Powered Up Hub or Move Hub to make your LEGO building toys move.") I think "LPF2.0" in the current part name means the new system before the official name "Powered Up" has been announced... What about the WeDo 2.0 Sensors? They all have a "LPF2" in the part name. The term "LPF2" does not exist in the LEGO universum, it is a placeholder for "Powered Up". WeDo 2.0 Sensors are fully combatible with Powered Up, in my opinion they are normal Powered Up components...
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    I've changed the content type which seems to have come through ok (might need to clear cache), but I still can't get Firefox to use it.
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    The problem with Firefox might be due to the content type. Your server returns Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8 where the correct one should be Content-Type: application/xml Cloudflare delivers the file but if you tell me whether the webserver is apache or nginx I can point you to the appropriate documentation. PS: You're awesome for adding this :)
  8. Hi there, I'm back from my dark ages and recovered a good chunk of my old Lego from my mom's place (...) alongside some modern Friends Lego from my nieces. My own daughter is slowly getting into playing with Lego which mean I can finally BUILD Lego :D So. Back in the days I can't remember what sets I had but I can clearly remember single parts. Funny, isn't it? Mostly Space stuff and that Imperial Flagship. Of which lots and lots of parts like cannons and sails are missing, but gladly that almost unique hull isn't, neither is the mast and its base. More parts might be recovered in a second raid ;-) My question: Is it worth rebuilding the good old ship, I can't think of any alternative use for the hull to be honest. Do kids still play with it?
  9. Don’t know about the premium point. But in your settings you can set what minimum percentage of parts in MOCs you want to see, Part is the build calc options I believe.
  10. Relatively new here. I have a bunch of unassorted bulk totes and instruction books for some of the sets that are in them. I've started sorting the legos at a high level. To not completely overload my storage boxes I'm starting to put parts in bags per set. Most bags are at some percent complete and I'm tracking parts crudely on printed checklists. I don't see it here, so my question is if there is a way to see the set piece inventory and click off pieces as you get them in the bags so that I only see what is missing as I go back to the sets? I use the chkno site for the most part and it is good for the initial hunt but kind of onerous for going back and seeing what is missing. Wondering if there is a better way? I have many sets that are missing between 1 and 20 parts and if I could just quickly see what is missing it would help a lot.
  11. Thank you for your response, I am also trying to sell Lego's and I have over 800 instruction manuals so I need a platform to sell and to build. My thought was to use Bricklink to sell and Rebrickable to build but I need to be able to load the inventory from one to the other.
  12. I'm doing the same thing and maybe I don't understand Bricklink, but I would think putting them into Rebrickable would be the better option for storing your inventory and building MOC's and rebuiding sets. I transfer inventory from Rebrickable to Brinklink and I haven't noticed any issues but I don't know why I need to record instructions and boxes in my inventory (probably because I don't have any boxes) and a spreadsheet works just fine.
  13. Filters need to have a "non premium" option so i can find sets that i can actually build. Also filters need to have an Contain over 90% of parts you own option. I hate it that when i start searching for RC stuff that i'd like to build, they either are premium mocs that you need to pay for or that they only include like 20% of parts i already have.. I wish that i could just enter a keyword of what i want and have a list of things i can build already. Option to have a (you own 100% of the parts) search would be also amazing.
  14. I've renamed all the Powered Up parts. Can you check if I missed anything? @Retrieverfalcon already had CRs to rename all PU sets, so I assumed they are correct now. I've left the term Powered Up out of the names for the sets, because they are already in the Powered Up theme. The parts are in the general Electric Stuff category, so they need a Powered Up reference
  15. Fixed via some thumbnails cleanup... but couldn't figure out how it happened in the first place.
  16. Yes, I hope they bring a "big hub" with more battery power and 4 or 8 connections.... This available small hub is only useful for small cars and trains, not for big Technic models....
  17. In the latest news, the PF will be phased out in 2020. I think this is in part why they are bringing in the 42100 Liebherr. It has 7 motors and 2 4-channel hubs. So people will directly have a good part pack of PU stuff to go MOCcing.
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  19. The new "Powered Up" is not combatible to the old "Power Functions". That is the biggest disadvantage of the new system and has been hotly discussed for many months in the forums. It is a complete different system with different protocols, different cables and different connector plugs! At the moment LEGO can not say, if there will be an adapter one day to connect the old "Power Functions" things with the new hubs... I think there is no reason to mix up this two systems in one category/theme.... Edit: Ah, now I see what you mean with "drill-downs". That's OK to filter the things...
  20. I am chipping away at my local database, and then will work out scripts to upload/download/etc... I am working up the commands to build the database, tables, etc into a PostgreSQL database, and I now see that the rebrickable database parts table requires the material table, which is not currently available on the download page. Could this be added please? Ala : CREATE TABLE parts (part_num VARCHAR PRIMARY KEY,name VARCHAR,part_cat_id SMALLINT NOT NULL REFERENCES part_categories(id),part_material_id SMALLINT NOT NULL REFERENCES material(material_id)); I am happy enough to guess at the data types, but it would also be handy to understand what some of the data values mean. EG which value ("M","P","T","A") in part_relationships(rel_type) relate to : "Mold", "Print", "Pattern", "Pair" or "Alternative"? (I could not see a 5th value currently used). I am happy to share more on my progress on this if the community/admins think it useful, but am not sure where would be best for that.
  21. It appears that LEGO is increasingly releasing Collectible Minifigure unique parts or prints to the Build-A-Minifigure station in their stores with slight variations from the originals. For some of these, it is easy to add them to the database as new parts (for example, a 3626c variant of a 3626b head pattern). However, for others, this is strictly a re-color (like I ran into today with a blue 87995 Afro). These don't afford the option of adding a new part since the part already exists. In both cases, however, adding parts like this to your part lists usually result in part or color errors since the variation hasn't ever appeared in an official set in that print or color. The parts clearly exist in the colors so "Color Error" is incorrect and they also are clearly existing parts so "Part Error" is also incorrect. I'd like to propose a solution - we create a single set, let's name it "BAM-1: Build-A-Minifigure Unique Parts". Then we add a single copy of each of these unique parts to this "set". This simple action will clear these erroneous errors. Obviously, adding elements to this set will have to be managed closely - CRs should be used to request adding a part to this set. If there is an existing precise version of the part and this is a re-color, the BAM-1 set can be the only one with it in that shade. If the part is a redesign in some way, it gets added as a new part (which it is) and BAM-1 can be listed as the missing set for this part easing its addition. Every once in a while someone can check and if any part or recolor has migrated into a true, official set we remove it from BAM-1 without creating any errors. Opinions?
  22. It appears to me that there is already a Power Functions > Powered Up sub-theme that's handling the sets (except the Simple Medium Linear Motor which is categorized with the WeDo parts that it was first released with). On the link you provided, open the drill-downs on the left and you'll see the breakdown. For now, I think this makes sense due to the partial compatibility between the two systems. If that changes, then would be the time to split them up. My understanding for now is that all PU hubs will support both PF and PU motors (but not vice versa). As for set names, I am a believer that we should keep those as 'official' as possible - and I consider or the set's packaging as the gold standard for that. So for now, that means not including a theme name in the set names of the PU component sets. This is helpful to users who search by the name rather than numbers. It also avoids assigning branding to these sets which have already shown up in Boost, WeDo 2.0, Batman, Trains, Creator, etc. Parts are a different matter - we rename those all the time to sensible and organizable things. I definitely think those should be named "Powered Up...". I don't see the need for a split category in the part system. This might be a good place to use tags though.
  23. Hi all! I just reached 100 supporters today. Next milestone is 1,000. I appreciate any support votes and sharing you can do. I would also take any input on the model. Cheers!
  24. No problem... This comes up because the Powered Up components are available in the LEGO-Shop since a few days... I think the number of Powered Up components will increase in the near future significantly. Therefore it is useful to define a consistent name system for all existing and comming up Powered Up components. In my opinion you should create a new Theme "Powered Up" for all the new Powered Up accessories sets, like the "Power Functions" Theme. At the moment these two different electric systems are mixed up in one Theme:
  25. Yes, you are right. Have a look to the old "Power functions" components: * The sets are named with "Power Functions NAME" * The parts named with "Electric Power Functions NAME (and optional some details)" Example: "Power Functions Servo Motor" "Electric Power Functions Servo Motor with dark bluish gray bottom"
  26. I'm on the phone, so I have acces to the admin functions right now. But at first glare it does seem you are mixing up the set names and part names. I'll look into it tomorrow. We've worked with temperal naming until anything official was known.
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