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  2. I haven't hit a limit and I've used the API to download the entire part list 100 at a time
  3. See this: click Generate the API and follow instructions...
  4. how can i get an Api key?
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  6. David; I downloaded and half an hour ago, extracted both and merged ldrawunf/parts into ldraw/parts. Then I ran a dir /b *.dat > ld-current.lst and removed ".dat" from all filenames. The resulting ld-current.lst is compared with the Rebrickable parts database and the draw maps to create missing_l draw.lst (Rebrickable parts not using an LDraw image) and not_used_ldraw.lst (Ldraw parts not used by Rebrickable). All three files placed in folder missing and zipper to Please note: missing_ldraw.lst also contains RB part categories that are NOT recognized by Ldraw, such as sticker sheets, znap parts and books and such in our Other category. If needed, I can filter those out. not_used_ldraw.lst also contains obsolete parts, aliases and physical colour parts. Again, if needed, I can filter them out. Now to create a mapping file (just as a test) Suppose I generate a csv file with the following layout (all partnumbers): ldraw,rebrickable,bricklink,brickset,brickowl,peeron for each part in the above mentioned ld-current.lst. We'd have a 100% correct LDraw/Rebrickable mapping, and I could write some scripts to see if the BL, BS, BO and PE parts actually do exist. That doesn't give a 100% certainty, but it's better then nothing. Considering Rebrickable's user base I'd presume most of those other mapping are also correct. Would that be a good basis to create the kind of xml mapping file you have in mind?
  7. I will upload those two files later today. A question came up in the team: our system automatically creates a link to, like this: part 3010 - link This leads to a Part Tracker File Scan page, that lists all the results. Our problem is, that only for parts in the unofficial parts library, the page contains a "details" link that shows a rendered image of the part. For parts in the official parts library, there is only a "DAT" link, that gives the definition itself. When we are looking for a LDraw part number for a particular parts, the absence of images for official parts is a big problem. If we can't easily verify the correct part by looking at an image, it's almost impossible to find the right LDraw part, and so we leave it. In other words, we have everything in place to create the kind of mapping file you are looking for; showing the relationship between LDraw, Rebrickable AND Bricklink part numbers and I am pretty sure we could actually create such a file on a monthly basis, if only we could easily see images of available LDraw definitions. Do you know if LDraw has pages where those images are displayed? If not, would you be so kind as to bring this up on the Ldraw forum? (quote me if needed) If we had a better way to find the LDraw parts, or if LDraw designers could be persuaded to post a CR on Rebrickable to add LDraw mapping to the parts they created, I am pretty sure Rebrickable can solve this problem, and it would be a win-win situation for both and Rebrickable. Take care, Simon
  8. The search results and ranking should be much better now
  9. There was no ordering defined, so it was basically random. It now orders by status then last modified date (most recent first).
  10. Hi Simon, thanks for that. If possible, a simple text file with one part per line for the two files (missing_ldraw.lst and not_used_ldraw.lst). Perhaps pop them onto BrickSafe and send me a message with the link? There's an aversion to defining the corresponding BrickLink number within an LDraw file. If this approach is used, it means that a renumbering of the part within BrickLink would require the LDraw part file be amended and then resubmitted for approval. I'm currently scratching the itch to see if there is a way to define the relationship between the LDraw part number and other systems (Rebrickable!, BrickLink, LEGO, ...) with a separate automatically generated mapping file. David
  11. These issues should have all been fixed by now, any still a problem?
  12. There is no meaning in the order of the output. If there are multiple mappings, there is no priority among them.
  13. Last week
  14. When selecting a MOC and then press the button [Build this MOC], you can see which parts you are still missing. If you press the button [Export Parts] -> BrickLink XML a new window opens with the XML code of your missing parts inventory. However, that code starts with b' and ends with a quote ('). This doesn't work in BrickLink. If I remove the (b') and the (') it does work. Just 3 characters to much in the window. Using: Firefox 66.0.3 (64-bit) Windows 7, 64 bit
  15. @Simon this sounds like the smarter fix to me. Obviously, @Nathan's call. This isn't an issue for the sidebar links since the URLs don't appear to be case sensitive. There will need to be BrickLink mappings added for the 2008-2011 sets. For the one we're discussing here (MMMB026-1), the BrickLink mapping is to MMMB1007 (no -1 suffix). It appears not all 45 of these on Brickset have been added to Rebrickable yet so I'd suggest handling these case by case when someone has the time.
  16. Thanks, Stephen, I thought you had a problem with the Bricklink sync instead of Brickset. Good research, btw. -smile- I disagree however with the change to lower case - we've got hundreds of sets with alpha-numerical characters in it, and we're always mostly using upper case letters: I don't want to renumber all of those. It's much easier to add an upper() function to the Brickset sync function. @Nathan - do you agree? @TobyMac- now we know the problem, I think we should undo the change to MMMB026.
  17. If you say so. I used that example because I had commented on the problem when I first got the set and I was told it was normal for it to be inventoried this way.
  18. This seems to have fixed the problem for MMMB026-1. It likely needs to be done for the remainder of the MMMB001-045 series. The 40xxx numbers began in January 2012 and continue to present. The MMMBxxx numbers cover the builds from December 2008 to December 2011. Both BrickLink and Brickset use the 40xxx numbers starting in January 2012 and they seem to sync fine to Rebrickable. For the earlier builds, Brickset numbers them as MMMB0xx-1 while BrickLink treats them as gear and only shows the "Build Card" (Instructions) using the format MMMByymm (note no -1) where yy is either 09, 10 or 11 for the year and mm is the month of the build with a leading zero if needed. There is also German versions that have a suffix DE added to this numbering scheme. There are also occasional extras for a given month which are given a UK suffix and one special Spanish/German one which appears to be World Cup related that has an odd suffix. I cannot find the December 2008 build from Brickset on BrickLink. I suggest a Rebrickable stick to the MMMB0xx-1 (cased appropriately to match Brickset) format it already has and maps, as needed, to BrickLink's scheme using the unsuffixed versions where possible and handle the UK and Spanish ones on a case-by- case basis.
  19. My view of the glued parts found on many key chains is that they should be categorized separately due to their lack of use in the build system and their false positive nature. However, not all keychains are glued and those which aren't should be inventoried as usable build many ways these parts are no different that Junior-ized elements which are already given unique part numbers despite being composite molds of other existing parts. The Set you picked to make your example, however, 5004388-1 is a poor choice. That set just has a messed up inventory with missing parts and erroneous information. I have submitted several part submissions and a CR to correct it which are pending with the admins.
  20. You can map the other sites numbers on the admin tab. Just put in there number and which site it’s for
  21. David: I wrote some scripts to analyze this stuff: Rebrickable currently has 36,332 parts Our LDraw library contains 14,361 parts We have 1,655 LDraw maps in place 6,931 Rebrickable parts have an LDraw image 29,401 have NOT (missing_ldraw.lst) 7,765 LDraw parts are used by Rebrickable 6,596 are NOT (not_used_ldraw.lst) I can get you both lists, tell me what format would work for you. Take care, Simon PS I will try to follow the discussion on the LDraw forum, but I will only respond here, to allow other admins (and Nathan) to step in if needed.
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