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  2. Veyniac

    MOC wanted list

    Could you add an MOC wanted list as a feature of this site? That way, people can easily save the MOCs that they are considering buying, and be notified of any discounts. Also, the designer could be notified when their MOC is added to a wanted list, so designers can see how many people are considering buying their instructions.
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  5. That seems like a good solution, but I'm not getting a keyboard anywhere. Clicking on the top bit of the menu just folds it back up. The empty field below does nothing and everything else just selects where I click. This is Chrome Version 80.0.3987.99
  6. I plan to try my first detailed MOC. I want to do a working lighthouse. Any one have any suggestions, or what has worked for you to build towers. Or Curved Walls?
  7. Hi Plate 2 x 14 in Dark Turquoise (Part Number 91988) is shown as a quantity of 5. The correct quantity is 12 which agrees with the quantity shown for this part in the BrinkLink Set list database -it also agrees with my actual count of this part in my set. Kind Regards Keith
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  9. jaredhinton

    32064C in tan

    It’s a case of us not knowing what variant comes in what set. lego don’t always give new element numbers when they change the mold. So when a part is added to an inventory from LEGO it will use the old part. We have no way of knowing it’s wrong until someone who has the set tells us. if you submit a CR for the set that has the c variations we can update the inventories.
  10. Brimley

    32064C in tan

    Just noticed the same for Dark Bluish Gray. Only Dark Gray is an option for known colours in drop-down, but this is definitely dark bluish gray. And yellow as well.
  11. Brimley

    32064C in tan

    I have in front of me what appears to be several 32064C pieces in tan. Tan isn't an option showing up in known colours for adding to inventory, even though it appears that it is the colour in the pictures showing the differences between 32064 variations I am confused. Am I missing something?
  12. i have the exact same problem as Trueblood01

  13. Fixed. Tip: If you submit a Change Request for errors like this, you'll get points! And the Change Request comes directly on our to-do list, so we can't overlook it.
  14. I have the same issue on my Android in Chrome. When I click the dropdown, I usually get a keyboard. Then I type the first couple of letters, so the dropdown list get shorter. Then I can select the correct list.
  15. I was trying to add a new set to my Technic list on my phone but couldn't because the pull down list doesn't scroll and the Technic option was too far down. I've attached a screenshot. Using Chrome on a pixel 2
  16. Hi Contents of Set 75535-1 on Rebrickable set lists show 1 x Tile 8 x 16 with Bottom Tubes on Edges (Part No 48288) in Dark Turquoise. This should be 1 x Tile 8 x 16 with Bottom Tubes (Part No 90498) in Dark Turquoise. This set inventory on bricklink correctly shows the item as 1 x Tile 8 x 16 with Bottom Tubes (not Bottom Tubes on Edges) and agrees with my own set contents. Regards Keith
  17. It's you guys that need to tweak the tools so you are happy and then give the community a green light to start submitting minifig subsets. Personally I think it's worth the time to write a guideline before green lighting a future feature like this. The situation where subset can exist in multiple sets must be resolved before subsets can be fully used for this and other cases.
  18. I'm hopeful too! I have a huge (I guess) stash of random minifig parts and part constructed ones, and it would be great to be able to add them all into a parts list, so I can then click a "What can I build?" link with an option to view only minifigs. I'm not sure of the ideal way to link them to sets, but something could be implemented first, and refined over time when the real use cases reveal themselves. Personally I think I'd want a set's minifig parts to be displayed in their own grid, which could be collapsed, and options in 'What can I build' to also show a percentage ignoring any parts that are used in the bundled minifigs. As for the problem of wanting to use the same numbering as Bricklink - perhaps their recent purchase by Lego will change their stance?
  19. First of all you probably end up with part problems, most alternative brands has their own parts that doesn't have a counter part in Lego. if you make a MOC that is inspired by another brand you will be fine. even if you get very close to ripping it completely off. if you do the exact same model make sure you alter the instruction flow and don't sell the result. ie post it for free and be honest that it's a copy/based of "brand X set no Y. There shouldn't be any problems since your not profiting from their trademark.
  20. Parts are cheapest bought at flee market and big bulks but when you want specific parts, I always end up searching Bricklink and there is stores in the whole world, plenty in Canada. You can use the buy part links on rebrickable but that doesn't give you all stores. Besides it shipped to you so the distance might not be important as much as the shipping costs.
  21. Seems to be fine for me too now. Gremlins.
  22. I recently built a couple road bikes from the likes of Mould King and Lepin that were "ok" I guess, and then I built a Lego crane truck...better quality bricks, not by much, but certain parts were "off" to a degree. Both Lego and the "knock-off" brands have one issue that bugs the hell outa me...the instructions...! You can follow them IF you watch VERY carefully the layout of the drawings. They both show assembled parts BEFORE you even get to that stage and is confusing at times. Coming from a plastic model building genre, they have a lot to be desired. At any rate, I was wondering how one can build one of those fascinating cranes, bucket loaders, truck cranes, etc., that are no longer available on the Lego site...? I see all these MOC's and wonder what a chap must do to get the parts. These are nifty kits to build and a far cry from the huge amount of extras needed in many of today's high end Styrene tank, plane and car kits. We have limited access to Lego up here in Canada, so I was looking for assistance elsewhere, so here I am. Thanks for reading, Laurie in Winterpeg...current temp...-45C with windchill...!!!!!
  23. At first, i am sorry for my english, its not good but i hope you get what i mean. So there are alot of Sets, not from Lego, Like Sembo, Xingbao or what else. (i dont mean Illegal Copies of Lego Sets) Some of my Friends Like this sets a lot, but wont buy them, cause they arent real Lego, and maybe there are other people like them. So the Problem is, Lego has a PDF Instruction from each set online, but other Companies dont have this. So i would like to digitize some sets with a partlist (many companies dont have a partlist too), so people could rebrick this sets with real lego parts. Is this allowed to do? Thanks for your replies!
  24. I had some issues this morning (about 3 hours ago). Also for user avatars. Looks fine now.
  25. It looks fine to me. Anyone else having an issue?
  26. Just a couple of quick ones Part photos not showing: Model photos from bricksafe not showing:
  27. I'm not seeing any problems, can you give some examples?
  28. You may already be aware, but just in case, I'm seeing broken image icons both for part photos and for MOC images (from bricksafe). I've checked in incognito mode, so I don't think it's me.
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