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    hey guys question, that buwizz is it actualy safe to use ? i mean the motors spins twice as fast , that means it gets more than 9v right ? can the motors actualy handle that ?
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  4. Hi, its a private account. I`ve allready seen this posting. I hate hotlines, but i think i must call paypal.:( Thx for help
  5. Nathan

    Problems with PayPal

    I haven't heard this before. You've probably already googled the problem but did you see this one: Are you using a private or business PayPal account?
  6. Ediranydd

    Problems with PayPal

    Hi, i tried to buy a Premium MOC (ISD Intimidator 77525). Always i want to pay, paypal denied the transaction with some words like "To comply with government regulations, this transaction has been declined" or simple an error please try again. This happens the last 3 weeks. Until now i tested with my Paypal Acc. with all payment methods(Bank, Creditcard, Paypal credits). Two friends i asked for help have the same problems with their paypal accs. I also tested different computers and followed the most known tipps for browser problems with paypal. Just for fun i tried to buy another premium Moc. Same Problem. I come from germany. Is it possible there a country problems, or does anyone have an idea what i can do? My other transactions over paypal are all very fine . Thx for help
  7. drsonne

    Warning - missing parts

    Hi guys, Do anyone know why I get the 'Warning - missing parts' error when trying to mark a set I own as assembled?
  8. LDD download on it's broken. The database version is outdated and have an internet error every time you open application. You can search on Google for an alternate download of 4.3.11 version.
  9. LDD cannot be used online anymore. It is no longer supported by LEGO, you can only use the offline option.
  10. hey guys i am new to this prog i have this problem to , i am using 4.3.12 i downlaoded today, i turned off fw/av and still the same, i use windows 10 enterprice ltsc 1809 could it be a port blocking in the router ?! if so what port
  11. I don't think any company would replace that old parts, after 2 years and you haven't complained you can't expect them to do anything. And you expect them to replace 10 year old stuff now. You are expecting way to much. You either remove those parts so your son can't use them or take the risk. anyway a 5 year old will eventually break or lose parts so it would be good for you to know bricklink as a way of getting replacement or extra part. I think it's great that they even offer to send the plates they did. They can't replace your whole collection just like that, so I understand why they back track. if they would have to keep every collection at a good condition for generation their business model would fail.
  12. I have over 200 sets in my collection. My 5 year old has recently been getting really heavily involved in lego building. As most everyone knows, and lego has admitted, the reddish-brown and dark-red bricks from like 2008-2013 turned out to be very brittle. I contacted LEGO asking if they would replace some of my reddish brown and dark red plates that I suspect would be prone to breaking in the hands of my son. They agreed and asked me to send them a list. I created a list of the plates in my inventory and sent it to them. There were about 700 plates total that I requested which is far lower than my actual count, but wanted to get the ball rolling. I know they choked on that number and immediately back-tracked to say they couldn't proactively send new bricks if they haven't broke yet. I told them that I thought that they should have recalled them in the first place as they are incredibly dangerous when the break into shards. In any case, they sent me 90 plates, mostly just some 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, and 1x6 plates. Then they proceeded to say that they stopped production of all other reddish brown, dark red plates. I find that hard to believe considering sets are still coming out right now with these plates in them. They told me to go to bricklink to get the rest of the plates. Maybe I'm an over-concerned parent, but this has pissed me off. Anyone else try to do something similar? I've spend a lot of time with their customer service and now appear to be at an impasse. I guess i can go through and snap all my parts and see what they say. Seems quite unnecessary.
  13. Not really. I still use the checklists. I realize that I can make a new set list for each set and inventory the parts that way. I'm open to any new ideas. I have no good way to go back to see what I'm missing from each set without going back to my checklists.
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  15. Hello, Did you find out how to do this? I was struggling with the same issue and figured out a way to do this. I can make a walktrough if someone is interested. Greetings Bellom
  16. I have finished the Custom List for The Science Tower, all parts were personally confirmed:
  17. Thanks for reply. I have seen instructions on adding parts to it. Involves dropping them into specific directory and they appear in custom category. I think in the meantime I can make some kind of place holder in their custom part maker. Then make sure the the part is the correct number when I upload here.
  18. I’m not familiar with the process of adding parts to, but my guess is that those parts you’re looking for are new and have yet to be created for the most recent version of BL do update the program so I’m sure they’ll get there eventually, I just don’t know if additions are crowd sourced like their inventories and parts additions. If they are it could take some time to get new, unique parts added.
  19. Just built a kit and decided I would like to make it my first MOC contribution so downloaded and started playing around with but issues. I realise this isn't strictly the domain of ReBrickAble but I feel this community might be a great place for help. Please don't hurt me for asking here! Can anyone clarify for me the issue of missing parts from official sets. Notably the set #75237-1 Tie Fighter Attack is missing 4 unique parts, one of which has x2 of. Also the set #75892-1 McLaren Senna is missing all decal parts. I'm not so concerned about the decals, but just saying. As for the Tie Fighter there one of the missing parts I want to use in my MOC. I looked at the sales page for the custom part builder by BrickLink. Not sure if this is a good option. I would rather avoid yet more software downloads and learning. Is there a place to find these part models? I do extensive use of 3D software so I could technically build them if I knew the specifications etc that would accept. I would rather not go down that rabbit hole if I can though. Find it weird that parts of official kits are missing. Thanks.
  20. This has also happened to me - my username on bricklink Kongzilla - with dinosaurs fossils to be downloaded for free and I find them here on rebrickable being sold by somebody else. The user with my designs: My creations on bricklink: Maybe check the dates of the first comment of my creation and the date this was submitted. There are six of mine that are stolen: the T-Rex, triceratops, Ankylosaurus, parasaur, stegosaurus, Pteranodon, and it looks like there are others that they have stolen from other people (the raptor, the mammoth) I have not allowed anyone to sell these designs without crediting me and allowing people to get the designs for free. Can you please take them down and warn this person not to take money and credit for other people's designs in future and also notify anyone who has bought them from this person of the situation. The may want their money back for my free creations.
  21. click this link to watch full video : youtube
  22. 'All My Parts' doesn't use live data directly from a set inventory. The number of parts in a set is calculated once in a period, and then stored as flat data for usage in the 'All My Parts'. So when I make a change to a set, you'll have to wait till the next period for the change to have effect in your 'All My Parts'. Otherwise, everytime you hit refresh, the system has to go through every set in your collection. That would go into overload. When you add a new set to your collection, the partcount is available in the flat data, so that change has a direct effect.
  23. A short description of the bug in question: I've submitted a change request to one of the sets which I own - one part should have higher quantity. After the change request was approved, inventory of the set had changed, but "All my parts" list hadn't been updated. How the bug can be reproduced by us (if possible). Steps: Add some set to set list Note state of "all my parts" list Change inventory of the set Check if "all my parts" list is updated What browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) you were using: I think it's irrelevant in this case ;-) What operating system (Windows, Mac OS, etc.) you were using: I think it's irrelevant in this case ;-) As a programmer I assume that you update "All my parts" only when I make some changes in my collection: add/remove some sets or parts but store state of it independently. And the mechanism doesn't cover a scenario when inventory of a set is modified. Best regards :) Lech
  24. Thanks. I found the dummy set for the BAM pieces. I'll have to figure out which ones aren't in the database then I'll add them.
  25. If it's just a recolor, you can submit a Change Request for the part with the new color. We'll add it to a dummy set so the color error disappears. For new parts or new prints, you can submit a new part (see here how to do that). After approving, we'll add it to a dummy set so the part error disappears.
  26. Now that lego is producing exclusive colours, prints, and parts for BAM, how can we help you get these into rebrickable? I've just picked up some of the halloween pieces that aren't in the database. Should new colour and prints be added to the stickied parts thread?
  27. Does Nathan do a list in the year in review post?
  28. Hmmm. It would be more easy if that would pop up somewhere on the site itself. I don't like getting an email for each post, because that would overflow my mailbox in minutes...
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