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  2. Not even a new feature yet. Not officially in place. We are working on it and will let everyone know when it’s up and running.
  3. I wonder why the Tag field of most parts is empty. Is it a relatively new feature?
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  5. Stephen; In the Tips&Tricks help page, there is an overview of all tags used in sets. It's a bit outdated, if I can find some time I'll try to update that overview. As you can see in that overview, we've got a lot of bad tags that need to corrected. And the good tags need to be made complete. The same help page also has a chapter called Annotated Tags, where I tried to group the tags and create definition for them. However, that format proved too complicated to maintain, and I stopped with it when I began the LDraw re-rendering project half a year ago. In the mean time, we are developing a few new help pages, to show the most important set and part tags, and notes about their usage. I can't guarantee when, but hopefully soon, those pages will be made available for general use, and hopefully provide more insight. In the mean time, I suggest we use this thread as an intermediate. Take care, Simon
  6. As I've been making recent edits, I've put some additional focus into ensuring that sets I have include as much tag information as possible. This seems to make sense since it's dealing with what will inevitably be a very time consuming process to add tags to sets and is easiest why focus is on a given set anyway. Additionally, I keep coming up with wats these tags help in the new set filtering so I'm finding them extremely useful. This activity has raised some starter questions in my mind. Is there a comprehensive listing of the tags that are desired anywhere? Is there a system-generated listing of current assigned tags that could be used to correct errors like spelling mistakes, phrases split into two (saw some "Star Wars" entered as "Star" and "Wars"), or other mistakes? I know there are some lists in the help system but they appear to have been hand generated, aren't comprehensive and are by their very nature, always out of date. Is there a defined mechanism for adding new tags to the master list? Is there criteria for doing so? Is there a list of tag definitions somewhere? For many, this is obvious but nuances will be lost if this isn't captured somewhere. For example, I have been using the tag "Key Chain" to refer to sets which are named both "... Key Chain" and "... Bag Charm" since they both include a ring attached to a set of metal links attached to a product Nd having a means of seeing these in one common view despite their LEGO assigned names is helpful. But others may not know that is my intent without definitions and would exclude the Bag Charms.
  7. I am the cause of the irregularity -smile- The system, by default creates those files every 1st of the month. But I have been using them to generate some maintenance reports, and I trigger a refresh when we've done many updates or added new parts/sets. Having them available at a daily basis for Pro users seems a good idea. @Nathan???
  8. Why are the CSV files updated so irregularly? It is possible to upload the files daily? Maybe for Pro Users only... I use the files for some self-written offline tools to manage my inventory... (I am not a Pro User at the moment, but I think about it)
  9. I can't find any at a good price in Australia.
  10. Eddy please read my last post carefully. "To be clear, duplicate photos have only been getting deleted in the last month-ish as Nathan made changes to the system which allowed this to happen." Simon spent a long time investigating and telling you the numbers for how many photos have been deleted since you started to complain about this issue and it wasnt close to the thousands you kept claiming. If a photo is deleted it goes in the CL that it was. Your claim originally was that photos were disappearing without any sign of why. That is a wrong assertion and one that has been explained to you several times now. Thea was incorrect to make her statement as she is an admin and is well aware of our policies and what changes to policies have been made recently. One more time, your issues are: 1. ISSUE: You expect your old photos to be at the top of the part page because they used to be. For unique parts not in sets this was great for you because you could see the image without it needing to be in a set. ANSWER: The site was changed to display the photo of the most common color NOT the oldest photo. This has meant that you immediately think your photo has gone, especially for parts without a set and thus without a color breakdown page. HOW I SOLVED THIS FOR YOU: I added your parts to a dummy set which now creates a color breakdown page so you can see your photos. 2. ISSUE: You expect the photo drop down to include all part photos, thus you think your images are missing because they are not there. ANSWER: That drop down is for secondary photos ONLY. Your images are primary photos and will not display there. For parts without sets this meant your image was not visible anywhere by a user. HOW I SOLVED THIS FOR YOU: The same as above. Adding your parts to a dummy set gave them a color breakdown page which allowed you to see the part photo. 3. ISSUE: Your thumbs in part lists, etc..., are no longer displaying your photos but an incorrect LDraw image instead. ANSWER: Simon is in the middle of a very large and very complicated project to update all our LDraw images and improve their usefulness. This has caused some errors to part thumbs. HOW SIMONS GOING TO SOLVE THIS FOR YOU: Once his work is complete everything should be correct. As usual with this kind of thing there's bound to be some issues and we'll gladly sort them out then. 4. ISSUE: You don't like the policy of deleting photos. ANSWER: It's unreasonable to expect us not to delete photos if we get better ones. We now get a few hundred a week. If we kept older bad ones what purpose would they serve? Who wants to look at them? Why use up the storage space to keep them? HOW I SOLVED THIS FOR YOU: This is one of those things that unfortunately if you don't like you're going to have to lump. This is the site, this is the policy. 5. ISSUE: You thinking the Admin have got it out for you and don't believe you. ANSWER: You are so very wrong. You are the most involved user on the site, your input is invaluable and I know every single admin and user that is aware of all your work is very grateful. We have investigated your claim of vanishing photos several times over the past two years. Do you think we'd do that for someone we thought was an idiot? Do you think I'd still be responding now? HOW I SOLVED THIS FOR YOU: This ones up to you. I can't convince you anymore. CONCLUSION: No-one is unnecessarily deleting photos and no-one is maliciously messing you around. I have explained all this to you several times. I want to remind you that I am a volunteer here. I am using my personal time dealing with this for you and I'm pretty confident I have solved everything for you and explained as best I can what went wrong and how I've fixed it. If you somehow still don't believe me and are convinced your photo's are getting deleted I'm going to ask you again, please provide examples for us to investigate. As you saw from this post, examples help us give solutions. It's taken two years to get an example from you and as soon as we did we discovered what your issue was. Your Brown and Reddish Brown photos are now visible, and also no longer give you a color error (Your welcome by the way).
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  12. It would have been very need if you and Simon did explain that to me a few months ago already but he i'm just a user so why bother. I'm not crazy just explain what you are doing so i will not complain about anything but do not treat me like i'm an .......( i can not use that word here there are also children reading these topics) But this hat to be sad. And Thea thank you for confirming the things i did see and did write about. Now it is a very clear they were just fouling me around and saying i saw ghost.
  13. @Nathan- no idea if this is technically possible, but if it is, this would be perfect!
  14. Other example: Why 3 of the magic wands are spare parts? All 6 magic wands are on the official photo (4 in use, 2 lying on the ground ) and they are listed in the instruction (page 122):
  15. if you just want the gears why, not buy them loose at bricklink or brickowl?
  16. When it comes to that hidden price guide,Shouldn't it just track changes in price. ie if the price remain same don't do a entry, and limit the number of data points to 100 (3+ months worth of changes). That way all sets will have data in that field even if they are rare and barely sold. (as long as one set has bee sold since the feature started monitor the channels) That is the problem with bricklinks price guide data is flushed after 6 months, so if you find a rare sets you won't know what it's worth.if a set is unavailable put it down to zero, so we can see not only value but availability. ie when did the last set sell and how long did it takes for it to sell at that price
  17. Does anybody have any suggestions for small lego sets with many unique gears? They are quite sparse in smaller sets.
  18. Works perfect for my lists. You even managed to sort the -1 to -9 sets prior to the -10 ones. Excellent work! Thank you!
  19. Thanks for providing LDraw Images download, but one color is missing from the download page, which is "322 Medium Azure". Could you please take a look and add the missing color back? Thanks! LEGO LDraw Images
  20. @biodreamer- could you respond to this post?
  21. Well when the photo library is big enough it could actually be a good idea to change those preferences.
  22. I checked several of my set lists that had a good variety of numbers. Everything was going perfect until this one. It started out through the 3 digit numbers and transitioned perfectly to 4 and 5 digit numbers until the MOC for 31079. 5 sets later it is back on track all the way through the transitions for 6 and 7 digit number sets.
  23. This is irrelevant as the vast majority of parts use either EIDs or LDraw images as the main image on thumbs. So you won’t even see a photo until you open the part page, at which point you will be able to tell the difference from its title anyway.
  24. 3003b has a incorrect photo of a 3003a, it makes those entries confusing, since they don't follow chronological order.
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