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  2. I post it here because it can be that it is only a Thunderbird problem, if it is a bug you can move it. The last day there are no more pictures in my mails about new submitted mocs to the website. First it were only a few of them mainly by Keep on Bricking which were no longer in the mail but as of today all are missing. Is that my mail box???
  3. I am the third on being able to mark custom lists, In big Mocs, sometimes you switch some parts into this color and other parts into different color, being able to mark and reserve them makes it easy to know what is left and what can I do and even what parts I miss if I want to go for another Moc...
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  5. No, that is too fast - everything might look OK from a user viewpoint, but I want to make sure that admin changes, which caused the problem, are now also working properly, and for that we need more time. So for the next week, or so, if you spot a missing image, where an image previsouly appeared, please let us know.
  6. It appears that the solution that Nathan deployed yesterday for thumbnails has corrected all the identified problems in this thread. I suggest we mark this particular bug thread closed and consider any future thumbnail issues as a unique, new case.
  7. Hope you don't mind, but if you're looking at this set, could you specify the differences between the v1 and v2 inventories. It would be good to add that to the set notes... (just trying to improve the website... -smile-)
  8. Hi, CJ; I haven't checked your specific problem, but in general, I think you are right presuming the Set Build uses the default inventory. However, I think there is a work-around, and if you could try that, and it works, it would be good to know that. After selecting the first inventory, could you add the set's parts to a custom list? It would make sense that the custom list would then have the parts from the first inventory, and if it does, your can use the Build this List option for Custon Lists to get the results you want. If the add the set's parts to a custom list also uses the default inventory, I would consider that a bug, and we can ask Nathan to look at it. Does that help?
  9. Using Win10, Chrome 73.0.3683.103 I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature request or somewhere in between. It appears that switching from the "default" version of a set's inventory to another version does not impact the inventory that is used when clicking "build this set". This behavior is sort of indicated by the interface, because switching inventory versions does not affect the version shown at the top right on the page with the part count, and the "build this set" button is in that panel. Still, a user might expect changing the inventory version would impact the inventory used for the build calculation, especially since the build button is just next to the inventory display (see screen cap) To replicate: From, switch from the "default" version 2 to version 1. Click "build this set" Change my default build settings to NOT ignore mold variations See that 6540b is reported as a missing part. This part is from v2 of the inventory. v1 uses 6540a. If, as I suspect, this is not a bug but rather a feature that is not yet built, please consider this as a feature request, but admittedly an edge-case. The only reason it came up for me is that I bought a bunch of used parts in bulk and it contained this super car set (v1 inventory), but with a few missing parts. In trying to figure out what to buy, I ran into the unexpected result above. Thanks, cj
  10. What I showed above was the output of an import, and it shows all the errors. It gets displayed at the bottom of the import dialog, so you might need to scoll down to see it. I fear this is a LDraw problem. If the Ldraw folks update a part, they leave the old part in the system for compatibility. If I then switch our LDraw mapping to the new number, to show the update image, the import for the old part is removed. But if Studio still uses the old number, import doesn't work anymore. So I fear we have to start using double LDraw mappings, an import map for the old number, and im/export map for the new, but I first have to check what that does to our LDraw images...
  11. Last night (or for him: this morning) Nathan has implemented a new system for thumbnails. The yellow 3021 has reappeared. If you find any other errors, please let us know.
  12. Would be nice to get an error message box after importing to Rebrickable. Then it is easier to see, how many parts could be not imported and what the problem is. I wonder this is an "outdated" thing. These parts in these colors are available since 10 years... PS: I will try your hint
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  14. Yes that is what my problem is now with LDD, if not it is no problem. But it would be great if that can just work so i do not have to write down every part that needs to be that color. There are already so many part problems in LDD without a proper update the last 2 years. And on the moment i have no time to start with there are still to many problems in it for me, just like the conversion to a proper pdf takes to much time.
  15. Ah, I might have misunderstood you, my apologies. Right now, if you import and LDD file with LEGO color 298 Cool Silver it is changed to Rebrickable color 135 Pearl Light Gray. What you are asking is, can LEGO color 298 Cool Silver be translated to Rebrickable color 80 Metallic Silver when importing an LDD file? If that is what you are asking, sure, that can be done, without changing any parts or inventories. Let my check my background documentation tomorrow to see if those colors match enough, if they do, the change can be made immediately.
  16. If needed i can do point 1 no problem(but give me a little time i'm finishing 25 mocs) but Metallic Silver is already split in all sets it is only for the import from lxf files. Maybe i'm missing something that can really be possible, but there is not 1 set that needs to be changed, and also not 1 PART, in all official Lego set the colors are right. My problem on this moment is only that all part colored in LDD with color 298 Cool Silver are changed to Pearl Light Gray and that is wrong, that is why i posted it in Help. And as far as i know ldraw in wrong if they say color 298 is Pearl Light Gray, also Bricklink has it as Metallic Silver. Is it so that if the Lego color 298 moves to Rebrick Metallic Silver all sets are changed to that color???? But if so that would be ok then, in my believe because it is Metallic Silver ore am i completely wrong.
  17. Rebrickable's color table is based upon the LDraw color definitions, just like the Bricklink/Studio color tables. Some colors are not defined within LDraw, so they are merged into an existing color. In this case, LEGO colors 179 ['Silver flip/flop', 'SILVER'] 298 ['Cool silver'] 296 ['Cool silver'] 131 ['Silver'] are all merged into Rebrickable 135 Pearl Light Gray. It is not a problem at all to split off Cool Silver, and create a new Rebrickable 298 Cool Silver for it, but when that is done, two things need to happen: (1) Someone has to check which parts were released in cool silver, and in which sets, and those inventories need to be changed. And only someone who has these parts and sets can do that. (2) Someone has to create that new color definition for POV-Ray and then render all those changed parts with the new color to create new LDraw images. I don't mind doing (2), but I can't do (1). Can you?
  18. The official Lego color 298 Cool Silver(Metallic Silver) is merged with color 179 Silver Flip Flop( Pearl Light Gray) why is that. This gives an error by downloading a lxf file all Metallic Silver parts are changed to Pearl light Gray, is there a reason for that. Brickset also has them as 2 separate colors see here Complete List And is it possible to move 298 to Metallic Silver so the import error will disappear by lxf files????
  19. Nathan is working on it... -smile- THX for reporting the problem!
  20. Hi, Lebostein, I tried your studio file myself, and got the same errors. Detected Stud.IO file Processing file version 2.0.1_127 Found 1 Models Converting parts/sets from scheme: LD Failed to find any items Errors: Part 86210 not found (need Quantity 3 Color 47) Part u9241 not found (need Quantity 4 Color 0) The problem is that a Studio import seems to use the LDraw import mappings, and those are not as up-to-date as our Bricklink mappings. It makes sense, as Studio using LDraw internally, but it does mean you might run into these errors most often. This one I solved by: adding 86210 as BL map to 60603 adding import map for 60603 for LDraw 86210 removing the import map in 57999 for LDraw 55423 adding added import map in 57999 for LDraw u9241 My test works now, obviously you do get some warning about the translation. Does that solve your problem, too?
  21. Plate 2x3 (3021) shows "No image available" for yellow in the gallery of available colors. The image is also missing from my part lists.
  22. For example wheels and windows like that:
  23. Parts in a Custom List are not included in your All My Parts count. They cannot be removed from your part lists or set lists available for building. When you use the Build This Custom List button, it takes you to the Find My Parts page. There is a notice there. "Note that no changes are made to your collection, this is just a way to help you figure out where to get your parts from."
  24. So, I would like to do the following: - Design in LDraw each model I have made physically. - Import the LDraw file into rebrickable as a custom list. - Mark the custom list as assembled so the corresponding parts are no longer marked as buildable in my collection. - Get the list of all my buildable parts. - See whether that list matches the parts in my storage and rework my "loose parts" and "lost parts". Is this possible or would that be a new suggestion?
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  26. I was reffering to these:
  27. Thanks for the really apropos description of the problem. There is a solution coming for this, but it may take some time. Suggestion for now: Click on a part with No Image Available to access the pop-up window. If there is a correct image there, it is a thumbnail problem, and should be reported here just for data purposes. If the pop-up image is also missing, use the full detail page to verify that there is an actual element or LDraw image available. If both of these show No Image, use your best judgement of whether it warrants a change request, or it is part of this ongoing problem and report it here.
  28. I was talking about sets, not MOCs. Any MOC designer can add as many links to the MOC description as they please. We can't automate that, because most MOCs do NOT have official LEGO instructions. LDraw might be a third filetype, I agree with that.
  29. in that case some of my old mocs should be linked that way rather than having a MOC entry. I also have some LDraw models of some small official sets.
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