Last modified April 7, 2019 by Nathan

Buying Premium MOCs

There are two types of Premium MOCs on Rebrickable - those that are hosted by the designer and those that are hosted by Rebrickable. You can tell the difference by their Premium badge:

The one on the left is Designer-hosted and the one on the right is Rebrickable-hosted denoted by the lightning bolt symbol.

Designer-Hosted MOCs

When you buy a Designer-hosted MOC (eg on the left), you need to follow the directions of the designer and pay them via the method they request. Then they will manually send you the file(s) and/or details on how to download them. It is entirely up to the designer how this process works and Rebrickable has no control over it. If you do not hear from the designer after payment, I suggest the following process:

  1. Wait a day or two after payment to give the designer a chance to respond
  2. Post a comment on the MOC asking why you haven't received it yet
  3. Use the Report MOC link in the sidebar of the MOC's page giving details of when and how you paid

Rebrickable-Hosted MOCs

When you buy a Rebrickable-hosted MOC (eg on the right), things are very different. The rest of this article is only applicable to Rebrickable-hosted MOCs, which are more common. You can buy the MOC directly from Rebrickable via one of the payment methods the designer has configured. You may see PayPal and/or Credit Card options.

Once paid, you will have immediate access to download your MOC instruction file(s).


Download MOC Purchases

After you have bought the building instructions for a Rebrickable-hosted Premium MOC, you can download the instructions whenever you like, on any compatible device. There are two places to find them:

1. On the MOC's page under the Building Instructions tab (where you bought it!)


2. From your Account > MOC Purchases page


If you are having trouble downloading the file(s), please try again later. The links expire if you leave them open too long, and you must be logged into the account that made the purchase. However, once a file has started downloading it won't time-out unless you have network problems.

If the MOC designer uploads new instructions, you will be notified. If you do not wish to be notified you can disable it from your Notifications settings.