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How does it work

Rebrickable will look at all the parts in all the sets you own, as well as all the loose parts you may have added. It then calculates how much of each set or MOC you have, based on those parts. If specified, it can ignore colors in these calculations or use some fuzzy logic to equate close matching colors such as yellow and orange.

How do I add Sets/Parts to my collection?

See the Manage LEGO Collection page.

How do I increase my Level?

Being an active and contributing member of Rebrickable will gain you Points which in turn determine your Level. See Help - Points/Levels/Badges for more details.

What is a LEGO MOC?

MOC simply stands for "My Own Creation" and is a term used to cover all the fan-based LEGO creations other than the officially released sets. Rebrickable stores thousands of user-submitted MOCs all with building instructions.

Can I buy a MOC I like?

The majority of MOCs listed on Rebrickable have freely downloadable Building Instructions. Some MOCs (labelled Premium) have Building Instructions that are for sale. Every MOC has a full list of LEGO Parts needed to build it.

If you don't already have the parts needed to build the MOC, you can buy them from one of the thousands of stores listed on Rebrickable. We do not sell pre-made kits of MOCs.

Can I buy a MOC with instructions and parts in a box?

No, we do not sell complete kits. You can buy the instructions (if not free) and parts yourself separately via the links provided.

I have not received my Premium MOC instructions

There are two types of Premium MOCs - Designer hosted and Rebrickable hosted. The Rebrickable hosted instructions are available immediately for download via your MOC Purchases page. The Designer hosted MOCs require the designer to manually send you the instructions after receiving your payment, so this might take a day or two. See Buying Premium MOCs for more details.

How do I buy the parts I need to build a MOC?

This is what Rebrickable was made for :)

  1. Enter your LEGO Collection
  2. Search for MOCs you can build via the Build menu, or on a specific MOC's page click the   Build this MOC button
  3. You will be shown the LEGO Parts you are missing from your Collection that are needed to build the MOC. Click the Buy Parts tab.
  4. Find a store you like and add the parts to it's shopping cart (note: this goes to an external site, Rebrickable does not directly sell parts or sets). Alternatively, click the Multi-Buy button to buy from multiple stores at once.
  5. When your order has arrived, you can Import them into your Collection.

Where does the Set Inventory data come from?

Some of the original inventory listings and part details for the official LEGO sets came from BrickLink and Peeron. However, we have modified a lot of them to be more suitable for the "rebrickability" features of this site. Also, due to TOS changes at Bricklink, we no longer rely on any data from them and use the freely available inventory data from and our own instruction manuals instead. See this forum post for more details. Any user can submit their own inventories for sets we have not yet added. The MOC inventories are submitted by the individual MOC designers, or were manually entered from photos of the parts.

Why can't I find my set?

New sets are added as they become known to us, or users submit an inventory for a new set. Since it takes time for newly released sets to be fully cataloged, there is a delay before it is added to the Rebrickable database. Of course there are also times when a set has just been overlooked. If you think a set should be there but isn't please contact us or submit it yourself. See Submitting Sets for more details.

How can I help?

There are many ways you can help us out:

  • If you see any mistakes, please use the Submit Change Request button on the Set Details or Part Details page.
  • If you have a MOC you would like to see added, you can submit it yourself. See Submitting Mocs for more details.
  • If you would like to add a set that has not been added, or add a parts inventory for a set without one, you can submit it yourself. See Submitting Sets for more details.
  • If you are interested in taking on additional roles that can actively help us maintain the data, make yourself known and useful in the forums and we will probably contact you!

Why don't all the part numbers match other sites?

Rebrickable's parts are based (mostly) on the LDraw numbering scheme. For any features that rely on importing or exporting to external websites or applications, automatic part number conversions are done to prevent any problems.

Can you add my MOC?

We accept MOC submissions from anyone via the Submit a Moc page. To be approved, your MOC must meet some basic requirements:

  • You must have building instructions that anyone can follow if they have the parts to build your MOC. These instructions can take any form such as photo sequences, digital LDD/MPD files, rendered PDF documents, or even Youtube videos. As long as they are clear enough.
  • You must be the designer of the MOC or have permission from the original designer to submit it.

You do not have to have your own website, you can use Bricksafe for free LEGO file storage.

How can I upload my digital MOC?

Start by selecting Submit a Moc in the main menu and follow steps 1 to 6. After each step your work will be saved. See Submitting MOCs for more details.

Can you add feature ABC?

Probably. Let us know your suggestions and we will be happy to consider it. Also check out the forums for existing suggestions.

I found a bug, help!

Please submit it in the forum with as much detail as you can provide.

Can I donate to Rebrickable?

No. You can support Rebrickable by upgrading to one of our Plans; buying one of the Premium MOCs for sale; or by using our affiliate links (eBay, Amazon, LEGO, BrickOwl, BrickLink) when you buy something from those sites. It still works even if you buy something other than the LEGO set you clicked on, so please think of us before you purchase anything!

Other Questions?

We have a lot of help pages. Pick a topic from the navigation on the left. Alternatively, search for what you want in the Search box. Or check out the more detailed FAQ in the forum. If you still can't find your answer, register for the forum and post your questions in the Help section.