Last modified March 13, 2019 by Nathan

Importing Parts

You can import a list of parts from supported sources into your Part Lists, Custom Lists, or MOC Inventories.

Supported file formats include:

  • Rebrickable CSV
  • Brickset CSV
  • Peeron TSV
  • Any properly formatted CSV file (details below)
  • BrickLink Orders/Inventory XML
  • BrickLink Stud.IO
  • Brickstore XML
  • LDraw MPD/LDR
  • LEGO Digital Designer LXF

Custom CSV File

You can manually create your own CSV file for import, as long as you use recognisable field headings. The order of the headings don't matter, but must following one of the following examples. Additional fields will be ignored.


Alternatively, use the Element field instead of Part and Color if using the LEGO Element IDs:


On your Part List/Custom List/MOC Inventory page you will see a  Import/Delete Parts button. Clicking this will show an import dialog:

To import your file you can either get it from your computer, or enter a URL where Rebrickable an download it from (must not require a login). If it is not clear what part/color numbering scheme is used in your file (e.g. a custom CSV file), you should select the External Source used. Most files types will detect this automatically.

Click one of the action buttons:

  • Append Parts = add the parts in the file to any existing parts in the List/Inventory.
  • Replace Parts = first delete all existing parts in the List/Inventory and then add the ones from the file.
  • Subtract Parts = existing parts in the List/Inventory will be reduced by the quantities found in the file. Note that this method will fail if the file contains parts that are not found in the List/Inventory.
  • Delete All Parts = just delete all existing parts without attempting an import.

The results of the import are displayed at the bottom of the popup window. There may have been errors you should investigate, and often there are warnings describing any automatic changes performed to part numbers or colors. These are mainly due to having different part number schemes between websites/systems. Rebrickable attempts to keep track of all the differences with other sites so that imports/exports work as smoothly as possible.


Import from Website

Instead of a file, you can also import an Order from your BrickOwl or BrickLink account.