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Part Lists

Similar to Set Lists, Part Lists are just a way to group your loose LEGO Parts to make it easier to manage. This helps you categorise your collection, and some Rebrickable features operate at the Part List level.

The loose parts in your Part Lists are those that don't belong to full sets. Perhaps you bought them separately or just found a pile of LEGO lying around and don't know what set they belong to.

You need at least one Part List before you can start adding Parts to your collection. Go to MY LEGO > My Part Lists and click the   Add new Part List button.

You can then edit it to change its name, and decide if you want the Parts in this Part List to be used in Build calculations.

Adding Parts to a Part List

There are two ways to add Parts to your Part Lists.

1. Importing Parts

The easiest way to add Parts to your collection is if you have a file or perhaps a record of your orders from sites such as BrickLink or BrickOwl.

On the Part List page that you want to import into, click the  Import/Delete Parts button.

Import Parts from File or Website

Choose a file or external site to import from. You can manually create your own parts file if you like, the easiest is probably a CSV formatted file with appropriate headings. Rebrickable will automatically detect the columns as long as you use the correct headings (in any order): Part, Color, Quantity. For example:


See the topics for BrickOwl and BrickLink for details on importing from them.

2. Adding Parts Manually

On any page that displays Parts - e.g. search results, Set/MOC inventories, etc - you can click the Part image and a popup will appear.

Part Summary Popup

The popup contains some summary information as well as allow certain actions to be taken. On the 'Add this Part to List/Inventory' tab select the Part List you want to add to and click the  Add Part button.