Last modified April 9, 2019 by Nathan

MOC Submission Fees

There are three types of MOCs on Rebrickable, with different fee structures. Premium MOCs are ones with building instructions that are being sold by the MOC's designer.

1. Free Instructions

Use this when the MOC's instructions are freely available for anyone to access or download. There is no fee or restrictions to submit these MOCs. The majority of MOCs on Rebrickable are free.

2. Premium (Self-Hosted)

NOTE: This method is no longer available to new users, you must use the Rebrickable-Hosted method instead.

Use this option when you wish to sell the building instructions for your MOC. You must take care of payments and delivery of the instruction file(s) yourself. Your submission must include clear details for how the user can purchase the instructions, or link to a site that does.

The fees for submitting Self-Hosted Premium MOCs are:

  • 1st to 4th MOC = USD $10 each
  • 5th to 9th MOCs = USD $15 each
  • 10th to 19th MOCs = USD $20 each
  • 20th and subsequent MOCs = USD $25 each

The fee is a one-off payment per MOC, regardless of how many views/downloads you MOCs receive. After submitting your MOCs, the site administrator will send you an invoice to be paid before approving the MOC for public viewing.

3. Premium (Rebrickable-Hosted)

Use this option when you wish Rebrickable to handle everything for you. You upload the instruction file(s) to Rebrickable's secure server and set a price/currency. Rebrickable will then take care of everything else including payment processing, secure downloads, and reporting.

Unlike Self-Hosted Premium MOCs, there is no up-front fee to submit Rebrickable-Hosted MOCs. Instead, you are charged a 10% commission on any sales made so take this into account when setting your sales price.

There are two payment methods available to users - PayPal and Stripe. You must configure these methods in your Settings > MOCs page before they will be shown. At least one payment method must be enabled before your MOCs can be approved.

At the end of each month, Rebrickable will send you an invoice for the 10% of sales made. In the case of Stripe payments, the commission is paid automatically on each purchase. If you have both methods enabled (recommended), the invoice will only include the outstanding amounts from the PayPal payments. 

A detailed breakdown of every sale and commission paid/owed will be available in your MOC Sales page.

NOTE: in addition to the Rebrickable commission of 10% you will have to pay a transaction fee to PayPal and/or Stripe which is usually something like 30c + 2.9% to 3.6% depending on your country.

NOTE: Invoices for the Rebrickable commission owed is only sent once your outstanding balance hits $5, so you might not get an invoice every month depending on your sales volume.