Last modified Oct. 9, 2017, 1:43 a.m. by Nathan

MOC Submission Fees

Premium MOCs are ones with building instructions that are being sold by the MOC's designer. If you want to submit a Premium MOC, there is a fee involved as detailed below. There are no fees for submitting freely accessible MOCs.

Note that Rebrickable does not provide any shopping cart/payment system for your MOCs, it is up to you to handle accepting payments and distributing the instructions yourself. There are also existing websites that specialise in hosting your instructions, we recommend MOCPlans.

The fees for submitting Premium MOCs are:

  • 1st to 4th MOC = USD $5 each
  • 5th to 9th MOCs = USD $10 each (only USD $5 if on the Designer Plan)
  • 10th and subsequent MOCs = USD $15 each (only USD $5 if on the Designer Plan)

The fee is a one-off payment per MOC, regardless of how many views/downloads you MOCs receive. After submitting your MOCs, the site administrator will send you an invoice to be paid before approving the MOC for public viewing.