Last modified Nov. 19, 2018, 7:48 p.m. by Simon

Submitting Parts

LEGO has changed their numbering system by using different design ID numbers for the same shape of brick.  The Duplo 1x2x2 Bricks with prints are the best example.  If there is a bottom tube, submissions should have a Rebrickable number 76371prxxxx. Using information which is available at Brickset, Design ID 24969 DUPLO BRICK 1X2X2 "NO 31" as an example, the Rebrickable number for this submission would be 76371pr0031. Please be aware that Duplo has a VERY low priority, so any new Duplo set/part submissions will go to the bottom of a very long list.


We are currently reorganizing the part categories for our minifigures and minifig accessories. Please refer to this New Forum post for more information.