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Set Types

Rebrickable's set catalog contains several different types of sets:

  • Normal Sets: official LEGO sets. These sets contain one or more models, or a collection of many different parts (Bulk Bricks).
  • Accessory Sets: known as Supplemental Sets (1950 to 1970) or Service Packs (1970 to 2001 / 2002 to 2012 Dacta), these sets do not contain models, but small collections of a few special parts.
  • B-Models: many LEGO sets contain instructions for one or more alternate models. These official alternates are called B-models. Unofficial alternate build, not created by LEGO, are stored as MOCs.
  • Sub-Sets: sometimes a LEGO set contains a multitude of small sub-sets. An example would be an Advent Calender.
  • Super-Sets: official LEGO sets that contain two or more Normal Sets. Also known as Value Packs or Kits.
  • LEGO Idea reBuilds (LIBs): these are rebuilds of models included in LEGO Idea Books, or alternate models shown at the back of box, for which LEGO never released official build instructions.

But we also include other LEGO related items:

We do NOT include:

  • LEGO-like sets from other manufacturers
  • Magazines and Books from other publishers
  • Catalogs and boxes

Sets Numbering

The Set Numbering depends on the Set Type. For Normal and Supplemental sets we use the LEGO set number followed by "-1" (in the past, LEGO used the same set number for different sets, forcing fans to invent a suffix). B-models have the full set number followed by "-b1", "-b2", etc.; for Sub-Sets we use "-s1", for Sub-Sets of B-Models "-b1-s1". Super-Sets sometimes have an official LEGO set number; if not we use the set number of one of the included sets, preceded with a "K" (for kit) or a "C" (for collection). For LEGO Idea reBuilds (LIBs) we use the prefix "-c1". Here's an example based upon an imaginairy LEGO set 8258:

  • Normal Set: 8258-1
  • Supplemental Set: 8258-1
  • B-Model: 8258-1-b1 / 8258-1-b2, etc.
  • Sub-Set: 8258-1-s1 / 8258-1-s2. etc.
  • Sub-Set of B-Model: 8258-1-b1-s1, 8258-1-b1-s2, etc.
  • Super-Set: 8258-1, K8258-1 or C8258-1
  • LEGO Idea reBuild (LIB): 8258-1-c1, 8258-1-c2, etc.

Foil Packs used to have a letters prefix. For example, 891612-1 has NIN for Ninjago added to make the set number NIN891612-1. We are currently removing these prefixes. New foil packs can be submitted using the original LEGO set number (with a -1 postfix).

Random Foil Packs usually contain a basic brick collection and a random minifig/duplofig. These sets all have the same set number, followed by -1, -2, -3, -4, etc.

If you want to submit a set, and you are unsure about what set number to use, please post a question in our forum.