Last modified Jan. 20, 2020 by Nathan

Tips for Submitting Popular MOCs

When submitting your MOC there are several things you can do to maximise the number of Likes/Followers/Sales you make.

  1. Use a clear, interesting main image. Preferably a physically built model which tells people that it is possible to build in real life; avoid screenshots of digital models.
  2. Use a Bricksafe gallery to show off other angles or features of your MOC.
  3. Use a video to further show off any functionality you may have in your MOC. Bonus points if it's a funny video!
  4. Add a description to your MOC. Maybe it just describes the features, or maybe you can tell a story that goes with your MOC. Embedded images or video can be used here to really emphasise details.
  5. If you are selling your MOC, take the time to create professional looking PDF instructions. Very few people will buy a purely digital LDD file.
  6. If you have many MOCs to submit, spread them out with a day or two in between each one. This will help you gain new followers after each submission. The more followers you have, the more people are notified when you submit a MOC. Remember, it may take a day for each MOC to be approved if you haven't been placed on the auto-approve list yet.
  7. Make sure your parts inventory contains no errors. If it has errors, a warning will be displayed which may turn people off from trying to build it. See Fixing MOC Errors for details.

Selling Premium MOCs

Build up a fan base

When you submit a MOC, your Followers receive a notification. User's are more likely to Like/Follow you from your Free MOCs as they are easier to download and build. So it's often worth building up a base of fans via Free MOCs before submitting Premium MOCs. If you submit nothing but Premium MOCs, you are far less likely to build up Followers.


Type of instructions

93% of Premium MOCs sold on Rebrickable use PDF instructions. Buyers range in technical experience, and PDF provides the easiest and most familiar building experience. Consider taking the extra step of converting your LDD or Studio etc files into a more usable format like PDF.



Take a look at other Premium MOCs before deciding a price for your MOC. The average purchase price based on actual sales is USD $9, with far more selling below that than above it. Designers who have already built up an audience and have successfully sold MOCs in the past can be successful at charging higher prices. However, new designers should consider cheaper prices in order to build up that following, or you risk not making any sales at all.