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Points are awarded by interacting with Rebrickable. For example: commenting on Sets, Liking MOCs, Following Designers, using Lists etc. You probably won't see Points added to your account immediately, some are calculated hourly or daily instead.

NOTE: Posting comment spam will likely see you lose Points!


As your points grow, you reach certain Levels. New users start at Level 0. To get to Level 1 is very easy - you only need 1 Point! A quick and easy way to get to Level 1 is to make your Profile publicly viewable:

  1. From your  > Settings page, go to the Privacy tab
  2. Enable the 'Public Profile' option
  3. Profit!

Some Rebrickable features are only unlocked once you reach a certain Level. This is to ensure the users who are suggesting changes have been active on the site and understand how it works.

  • Level 1: Submit MOC
  • Level 2: Submit Part Photo
  • Level 3: Submit Change Request
  • Level 3: Send Private Message
  • Level 4: Submit Inventory
  • Level 5: Submit Set
  • Level 6: Submit Part

It's really not hard to get past the first few levels if you are an active member. Once you reach very high levels you can even win some prizes:

  • Level 15 - Receive 3 months of Pro Plan for free*
  • Level 20 - Go into the monthly Pro Raffle draw
  • Level 25 - Free upgrade to Pro Plan for life
  • Level 30 - Have your name listed in the About Us page

* If you are already on a Pro/Designer Plan we can't provide any credits sorry.


Badges are achievements/awards you receive when you have reached certain milestones. Some are easy to get, while others are quite hard. Getting all of them is very difficult and so far no-one has managed to do so. Will you be the first?

The easiest Badges to get first are:

MOC Admirer

Find 10 MOCs that you think are well designed, have great instructions, etc and click Like on them.


Find 3 Designers who have submitted MOCs you love and Follow them to receive notifications when they submit new MOCs.


When you win a competition, or a raffle, or some other noteworthy event you will receive a Trophy. These are small icons which are displayed on your profile page.