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Points are awarded by interacting with Rebrickable. For example: commenting on Sets, Liking MOCs, Following Designers, using Lists etc. You probably won't see Points added to your account immediately, some are calculated hourly or daily instead.

NOTE: Posting comment spam will likely see you lose Points!


As your points grow, you reach certain Levels. New users start at Level 0. To get to Level 1 is very easy - you only need 1 Point! A quick and easy way to get to Level 1 is to make your Profile publicly viewable:

  1. From your  > Settings page, go to the Privacy tab
  2. Enable the 'Public Profile' option
  3. Profit!

Some Rebrickable features are only unlocked once you reach a certain Level. This is to ensure the users who are suggesting changes have been active on the site and understand how it works.

  • Level 1: Submit MOC
  • Level 2: Submit Change Request
  • Level 2: Submit Part Photo
  • Level 3: Submit Set
  • Level 5: Submit Part

It's really not hard to get past the first few levels if you are an active member.


Badges are achievements/awards you receive when you have reached certain milestones. Some are easy to get, while others are quite hard. Getting all of them is very difficult and so far no-one has managed to do so. Will you be the first?

The easiest Badges to get first are:

MOC Admirer

Find 10 MOCs that you think are well designed, have great instructions, etc and click Like on them.


Find 3 Designers who have submitted MOCs you love and Follow them to receive notifications when they submit new MOCs.


When you win a competition, or a raffle, or some other noteworthy event you will receive a Trophy. These are small icons which are displayed on your profile page.